Journalism Major Took Editorial Talents to the Big Apple at VH1

Lily Martis at Viacomby Anna Hoffman

Lily Martis, editor of KentWired and senior journalism major, worked as an editorial intern at Viacom for VH1 this past summer. The internship had her living and working for 11 weeks at Viacom’s offices in New York City.

“In my first week, I had two stories published on I was able to sit in on the brand’s weekly meetings, where we discussed website traffic and what types of stories worked and what ones flopped,” said Martis. “I fell in love immediately.”

After interviewing with Viacom’s College Relations department, she was referred to VH1. After interviewing with Jordan Runtagh, the music editor for VH1, she was offered an internship position within an hour after the interview.

“When I interviewed with Jordan Runtagh, the music editor for VH1, he told me that as an editorial intern, the sky was the limit,” said Martis. “He wasn’t wrong.”

Martis researched, pitched, wrote and built posts about celebrities, music and entertainment for the website. Martis also transcribed interviews and assisted the other writers with their research for posts.

“I attended VH1’s weekly meetings where we discussed website traffic and what types of stories worked and what ones flopped as well as the editorial team’s meetings, where we pitched story ideas,” said Martis.

Martis said she enjoyed living in New York for the summer and the exciting lifestyle that came with it.

“My favorite part about living in New York for the summer was that you never lived the same day twice,” said Martis. “Each day was filled with new, exciting and different experiences that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Martis said the internship allowed her to combine two of her passions, journalism and music, and learn along the way. Martis said previous experiences in JMC helped her prepare for the role as well.

“Being in JMC has helped me grow as a writer and a reporter,” said Martis. “Being in student media helped tremendously as my experience as both a reporter and editor helped me to write engaging content for a mass audience and manage a website.”

Martis is currently working as a freelance writer for VH1, and said her time this past summer has helped her prepare for her current work and her career after graduation.
“My experiences working as a journalist and living in New York City this summer was more than I could have ever hoped for,” said Martis. “I learned a lot about myself both as a person and as a journalist, and I am excited to see what the future holds.”

Quiz: Which CCI Student Organization Should You Join?

by Elline Concepcion and Anna Hoffman

The College of Communication and Information offers a ton of different student organizations for you to get involved in, regardless of your major. Having trouble picking which CCI student organization you should join? Take the quiz!

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.05.24 PM

Comm Student Hits Home Run with Summer Internship

by Erica Batyko

Kyle VertochStudents in the College of Communication and Information know how to make an impact at their internships by working hard and thinking outside the box. Kyle Vertoch, a senior applied communication major in the School of Communication Studies, did just that while interning for the Akron Racers where he quickly became known as the “everywhere intern.”

Vertoch earned the nickname because he went everywhere and did everything: press releases, social media, video editing and producing, on-camera interviewing and in-game hosting. He even encouraged his boss to start using Periscope to engage fans.

“She was thrilled with the idea of broadcasting the games to gain more publicity,” Vertoch said. “It really showed how open the organization was to new ideas, even from its interns.”

One of his favorite parts of his internship was getting the opportunity to interview Bernie Kosar. Kosar is a legend in Cleveland Browns history and the favorite player of Vertoch’s dad. At the time Vertoch found out he would be meeting Kosar, his father was in the hospital.

“When I found out I was going to interview him, I immediately called my dad and started to cry,” Vertoch said. “It just meant the world to me.”

To Vertoch, the internship was more than just work. It was the opportunity to build relationships with the organization, his coworkers and the players.

“I wasn’t just an intern; I was part of the Racer’s family,” he said.

His advice to students who plan to do an internship is to not be afraid of anything that is presented to you.

“The moment I was offered the job to do the in-game announcing for one of the games, I was more scared than someone watching a scary movie,” Vertoch said. “I was thinking of anything, anyway, I could get out of the situation. But I mustered up the courage to announce the game and have some fun. And it turned out really well.”

Vertoch found out about the internship with the Akron Racers at the Career Fair hosted by Kent State’s Career Services.

10 Signs You’re a Kent State Visual Communication Design Major

by Amanda Azzarelli

1. You experienced a new level of stress when you were asked to draw a perfect rectangle freshman year.
Spongebob Drawing Gif

And that stress never went away.

2. Seeing a nice typeface makes you feel more excited than it should.
Steve Harvey Excited Gif

Check out the serif on that one!

3. You spend more money at All Media and FedEx than you do on food.
Money Gif

“Starving artist” is an understatement.

4. Your hands are constantly stained from Sumi Ink.
OITNB Hand Swipe Gif

And it isn’t coming off no matter how many times you wash them.

5. All-nighters have become a lifestyle.
Gilmore Girls Coffee Gif

Sleep is for the weak!

6. The bag you carry around campus is almost as large as you and twice your body weight.
Large Backpack Fall Gif

Hopefully your degree will lead to a career that can pay the medical bills for your back issues.

7. Your Exacto knife is your best friend, until it becomes your worst enemy.
Knife Throwing Gif

They say the ones we love hurt us the most…

8. Critiques make you question not only your project, but also your life choices.
Tyra Rant Gif

But at the same time, you thrive off of critiques and can never get enough of them.

9. You’ve come to terms with the fact that nobody will ever understand what VCD stands for.
Austin Powers Quotes Gif

Yeah, sure, it’s “graphic design.”

10. In the end, you have some pretty awesome projects to show for all of your hard work, and that makes it all worth it!
Mad Men Thumbs Up Gif

As long as you don’t sustain too many Exacto knife injuries.

Contributions by VCD students Maria Cardillo, Gina Leone, and Alli Petit

Gifs courtesy of and

Pulitzer Winner Joins Faculty of Kent State University’s College of Communication and Information

Kent State University’s College of Communication and Information and its School of Journalism and Mass Communication will welcome alumna and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Connie Schultz to its faculty this spring.

Connie Schultz
Connie Schultz

Schultz, who graduated from Kent State with her bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1979, is a nationally syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicate.

“It’s such a fantastic opportunity to bring Connie, one of the best feature and opinion writers in the country, to the College of Communication and Information,” said the college’s dean, Amy Reynolds, Ph.D. “I have followed her work for many years and am always inspired by the quality and depth of her writing and analysis. She is a remarkable person, and our students will benefit tremendously from her guidance.”

Schultz said she is looking forward to her new position as the College of Communication and Information Professional in Residence.

“Kent State launched me, as a journalist and as a citizen of the world,” Schultz said. “In recent visits to the campus, I was blown away by the energy of the place and moved by the university’s commitment to put students first. This is a rare opportunity to be part of the school community I cherish while still working in this profession I love. As Kent State taught me so many years ago, we must carry as we climb in this life. I can think of nowhere I’d rather be than working with the future journalists at my alma mater. I am coming home.”

According to Thor Wasbotten, the director of Kent State’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Schultz will teach classes and help the college and school with conferences and seminars.

“We are fortunate to have Connie as a colleague,” Wasbotten said. “Our students will benefit from her tremendous writing and reporting skills. We couldn’t be happier to have another Pulitzer Prize winner join our faculty.”

Schultz served as a reporter and columnist at The Plain Dealer for nearly 20 years, from 1993 to 2011. While there, she was a two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, earning the award in 2005 for Commentary. Schultz also earned such prestigious awards as the National Headliner Award for Commentary, the Scripps Howard National Journalism Award for Commentary, the Batten Medal, the Robert F. Kennedy Award for Social Justice Reporting and more.

Schultz was the editor of Kent State’s own Daily Kent Stater student newspaper her senior year of college. Upon graduation, she served as a freelance writer for several news organizations, including theChicago Tribune, Cosmopolitan and The New York Times.

Schultz has authored two books, “Life Happens: And Other Unavoidable Truths” and “… and His Lovely Wife,” and is currently working on a third. After her years at The Plain Dealer, she has worked as an essayist for Parade Magazine, and she has been a public speaker, talking about topics like journalism, women’s rights and politics. Additionally, in the past three years, some of her freelance essays have been published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Politico, ESPN The Magazine, Chicago Tribune and Democracy Journal.

Schultz also uses social media as an outlet to share her opinions on a variety of topics, and she is very successful in guiding conversations in her online communities. She has nearly 139,500 followers on Facebook and more than 14,400 followers on Twitter.

“Many journalists have struggled to figure out how to translate their work for social media,” Reynolds said. “Connie is a role model for anyone who wants to build civil discourse and community using social media. Her Facebook page is an exemplar of this. Connie’s knowledge of social media and how to effectively use it to inform and engage citizens is something I know she will share with our student media organizations and in her classes.”

About Kent State University’s College of Communication and Information
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About Kent State University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Now in its 78th year, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kent State University offers majors that prepare students for careers in the rapidly changing media and communication industries. The school emphasizes relevant training at both the undergraduate and graduate levels that balances both conceptual and practical courses, professional opportunities and multiple internships. Kent State’s core curriculum gives students a strong background in the liberal arts to complement the School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s professional training. For more information, visit

How Kent State CCI Students React to Midterms, Explained By Your Favorite 90s TV Shows

by Anna Hoffman and Elline Concepcion

When you realize your midterm is next week
Michelle Tanner Shocked Gif

I just handed in four briefs, two data projects and a multimedia piece! What do you mean there’s an in-class exam?!

When someone asks you if you’ve started studying
Clarissa Explains It All Gif

Does watching Olivia Pope solve the nation’s PR crises count as “studying”?

When your professor says it’s open book
Will and Carlton Dancing

Open book AND there’s a study guide? FINALLY, SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS!

When your professor says the test is cumulative
Hey Arnold Yell Gif

Lookin’ at you, Professor Roberts. <3

When you’re trying to get notes/tips from someone who has already taken the class
The Nanny Smirk

The most beautiful thing about the VCD sequence is that we all have to go through it, right?

When you’re running to your professor’s office hours
Scooby Doo Running Gif

So what do you think about the lighting in this shot? And the composition in this one? How about that one?

When the professor says the test isn’t that hard, and you’ll do just fine
Big Comfy Couch Liar Gif

Do you really think so?

When you’re cramming the night before
Cramming Knowledge Gif

So, it’s objectives, strategies, then tactics, right?

When your professor hands you the exam
Good Burger Words Gif

Wait a second – this wasn’t on the study guide!

When your professor tries to make you stay past class time
Rugrats Let Babies Go Gif

Listen, this has been fun and all, but the newscast is waiting for me!

When you get home from a presentation
Boy Meets World No Pants Gif

I got dressed to the nines for this Intro to Human Comm speech, but ten seconds after getting home I’m in sweats.

When you finally build up the courage to check your grade on Blackboard
Saved By The Bell Pat On Back Gif

I’d like to thank the academy, my mom, my dog and of course, all of the CCI professors who made me the genius I am today!

10 Signs You’re a Kent State Journalism and Mass Communication Major

by Elline Concepcion and Meghan Caprez

1. Poor grammar makes you cringe.
Friends Grammar

It’s YOU’RE not YOUR, you ignorant swine.

2. Almost every single class is demanding, and every professor thinks his or hers is the priority.
Harry Potter Priorities

I also have four other classes, a part-time job and two projects due for student media. Nice try.

3. You don’t get people who aren’t involved in student media or student organizations.
New Girl Judging You

Like, what do you do with your life?

4. It took you at least two years to figure out Franklin Hall has a fourth floor.
Wait What Gif

And some of you are still probably saying, “Wait, there’s a fourth floor?”

5. Internship envy is a real thing.
Internship Envy Gif

Admit it, you wanted that internship in New York, too.

6. You know exactly how long it will take you to get Starbucks between classes.
Kardashian Starbucks Gif

And you could probably walk there with your eyes closed, if we’re being honest.

7. Consuming media will never be the same.

There’s an AP style error! The audio in this shot was terrible! THAT’S the ad you chose to run during the Super Bowl?

8. You get really annoyed when people ask you if there are jobs available for people in your major.
Dobby Head Bang

Trust me, I have enough anxiety about it as it is.

9. While most KSU students think U of A is our biggest rival, JMC students know better.
Anything You Can Do Gif

*cough* Scripps *cough*

10. When you finally land the job of your dreams, you realize everything you’ve been through in JMC prepared you for it.
Miley Cyrus Thankful

Thank you, Franklin Hall!

Gifs courtesy of and

BY students FOR students in the College of Communication and Information at Kent State


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