CCI Commons Partners With Teleproductions to Create New Video

thumb_IMG_7433_1024.jpgThe CCI Commons is working with Teleproductions to produce a new video for their website. Recently, producer and junior DMP major S’Reane Parks hosted a focus group to gain insight from current residents and students. They gave insightful feedback on the existing video and helped brainstorm ideas for the new one. Students also expressed interest in appearing in the new video and helping during the production stages. Look for the completed video in April on the CCI Commons website:

What I’m Thankful For

By Hana Barkowitz


At this point in my life, there is nothing I’m not thankful for. I do know, however, that this might be too cliche. I’ll focus on one very big, important thing I’m extremely grateful right now: my education.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a middle class family in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. The school district where I attended preschool through 12th grade is one of the best public school districts in Pennsylvania and held high expectations for their students. I did not understand how lucky I was for an education like that until I graduated and found out how prepared I was for college. That was the expectation after you graduated- you go to college. It was rare and unusual if people didn’t.

And now, two and a half years later at Kent State, I am realizing how so lucky I am to have the means and support to attend higher education. I’m growing. I’m learning in and out of the classroom. I’ve met beautiful people: New friends, great professors, amazing administration, and I am learning from them.

Opportunities have been thrown my way that I would have never received if I didn’t come here. I am have developed my critical thinking skills to a whole new level that I never thought I would reach.

I am especially grateful because I feel like the world would be a better place if everybody was educated. Studies show that this would be the case. Especially after recent events in the United States, every US citizen could use a little bit more of some comprehensive education. Of course, this is unrealistic. But I am grateful that I am learning how to educate my peers on a person to person level. Similarly, I am learning how to listen to my peers so that I can learn from them.

It’s truly beautiful to have an open mind. Happy Thanksgiving.

Hillary at Kent State: My Experience Working On the Campaign

14883579_10209937540668065_1773786049330856623_oby Gabrielle Woodard

On October 31, with only eight days left in the election, Hillary Clinton visited the Kent State Recreation Center to speak to students and community members about why they should cast their ballots in her favor. She spoke about a vision she has for America where we work together to make everyone’s lives better.

I have participated in Hillary’s campaign in Ohio as a fellow with Ohio Together for the past three months, where I have registered voters and made calls to recruit volunteers. When it comes to this election, absolutely every volunteer hour counts. It can be as small as making a few phone calls or knocking a few doors…whatever it takes to remind people why it is so important that we vote this coming Tuesday.

(Early voting is a great perk of living in Ohio. You can vote early at your board of elections and skip the lines on Election Day. Better yet, take friend that needs to vote!)

Seeing the candidate in person was a huge motivator, but I was more excited for people who hadn’t heard her messages before. When the event was over, the room was buzzing with excitement to elect our first woman president.

This election has been exhausting for almost everyone involved; it has definitely been an election like no other. As Americans, we cannot afford to be idle and apathetic. We must practice our right to vote.

Finding The Right Balance

This semester, two CCI students will be sharing their experiences studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Follow them on their journey as they deal with culture shock, language barriers, and a total lifestyle change.

By Charleah Trombitas


Now that I’m settled in Italy and classes are in full swing, it’s a challenge to find time to do all of the things you want and need to do. Contrary to popular belief, the classes here are very real. Though they are not as intensive as classes in Kent, there are still tests, papers and readings that must be done for each class.

This becomes challenging when a weekend can consist of running around an entirely new country. Prior to coming here sessions warned us to be wary of getting worn out, but it was something I thought I could work to have not happen. Traveling is stressful.  Having class all week, then jumping on a plane Thursday night to spend an entire weekend trying to see a whole city in three days, then returning home late Sunday evening is exhausting.

I have been over whelmed at times during my trip. Trying to travel, see all of Florence, hang out with friends, complete schoolwork, and keep up with the happenings in America is a lot. Not to mention adding in time to eat, sleep, shower and take a second or two to breathe, it becomes a lot.


I made the choice to be traveling for five weekends in a row because I wanted to see European cities in the nicest weather possible. I was exhausted and sick by the time my travels were over. It was worth it and I would not take it back, but spending a few weekends in Florence is the nicest break I could have asked for.

It is very possible to find a balance here, as long as you know your limits and listen to yourself. Even though there may be pressures to go see a new museum or go grab some gelato with your friends, if you need to sleep or do homework, do it. In the end, you will feel better for when you do have time to explore and take in all Italy and Europe has to offer. As far as traveling goes, it’s easy and cheap to get around Europe, but taking a few weekends off to catch up on sleep, work and adventuring in Florence is a good idea.



Updates from CCI Commons

image001Adobe Skills

Two sophomore senseis from the School of Visual Communication Design will host an Adobe Skills Workshop at 8 p.m. today in the Design Studio in Olson Hall. Learn the ins and outs of Adobe before you learn them in class!

Rock Hall

CCI Commons residents will take a field trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland on Friday, Oct. 28 from 9:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. to see a special exhibit on rock & politics. Cost is $18 each. Those interested in going must register and pay for the trip ahead of time by contacting CCI Commons DirectorMarianne Warzinski or graduate assistant Jenelle Bayus. School of Journalism and Mass Communication Professor Mark Goodman will attend, as well, to discuss freedom of speech and music censorship.

Dissecting the Election

You know who’s running; you’ve seen the ads and the debates; but what does it all mean? Join us at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 2 in the Olson Hall Lounge for a discussion called, “Dissecting the Presidential Campaigns” with Danielle Coombs, Ph.D. Professor Coombs is the interim associate dean in the College of Communication and Information and is an expert in media messages and audience analysis. She’s also the author of The Last Man Standing: Media, Framing, and the 2012 Republican Primaries and is regularly featured by mainstream media, such as WKYC, NPR and Canadian Radio, for her knowledge of the presidential race.

image003CCI Study Abroad Lunch

Samantha Antoine, a CCI advisor serving the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, visited the CCI Commons on Oct. 5 during a Commons Lunch to talk with students about CCI Study Abroad opportunities. For more information, visit the CCI Study Abroad website:

Wasted Talent Mediaimage005

Wasted Talent Media was born from the creative talents of owners Todd Volkmer and Erin Ludlam, who met with CCI Commons students late last month to talk about their film and video production company. They shared with students the importance of humility and hard work when entering the workforce and stressed the need for storylines that capture the audience’s attention and create an emotional appeal. After the presentation, students were able to meet with them one-on-one to talk about the industry, the importance of understanding business and the ability to relate to their clients.

BY students FOR students in the College of Communication and Information at Kent State