Andrew’s take on Time Management

By Andrew Gardner

In today’s busy world students are becoming more and more pressured into effectively and strategically managing their personal lives around things like work and school. It is not uncommon to see students try to juggle a full time job with 12 or more credit hours. Personally, I graduated  from Medina Senior High in 2002 and attended Cuyahoga Community College for two years before coming to Kent. During this time, I worked full time at KFC and also transported a co-worker to Northfield Park Race Track four days a week for the extra cash. Although it was a heavy burden to work so much and also be a full time student, I found that time management was the key to my success. One thing I started to do was make flash cards. I would use these at work at KFC in slow periods to review chapter material for tests and so forth. When I was at Northfield Park I used the four hour time window to do my homework, read chapters and study.

I think one of the things that really helped me in this period was the fact that because I was paying my own way through college, I took it more seriously and was driven to achieve good grades. I also believe my time spent at CCC really prepared me for college life and my transition to Kent State. One thing that has really helped me with my busy lifestyle is the excellent advancements in online distance learning classes. In 2002, CCC offered these classes, but they were nowhere near the quality of the ones offered today through KSU.These classes made it possible for me to stay at home and work on my own time and I think they were essential for my success.


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