Why should I get involved on campus?

By Emily Carle

Every week, I average at least 5 meetings and seminars for various clubs and organizations around campus. I always feel like I’m running from place to place, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are so many organizations on campus that I’m passionate about, I want to support them in any way possible. Probably one of the best decisions I have made over the past 3 years is to start attending Kent Communication Society meetings. KCS is geared towards Communication Studies majors and minors as well as all CCI majors who want to get involved in the school, the campus and the community. I just happened upon a meeting my freshman year, and honestly I was pretty nervous. By the following year, I was more comfortable with everything and I actually spoke up in meetings. By my junior year, I was the President and was working closely with the Vice President and fellow Communication enthusiast, Arianne Gasser, to really help KCS blossom. Going into my senior year, Arianne and I have swapped places as President and Vice President but our goals stay the same, we want to make KCS into a powerhouse organization. We’re planning social events for the fall, including a Sunday cookout, as well as service projects like Adopt-a-Family. In the spring we will be focusing most of our efforts on Relay for Life to build on our success this past spring.

Not all organizations are perfect for everyone; I would feel very out of place at a College Republicans meeting or a College of Business meeting. That’s the joy of organizations though; there are over 200 on campus to fit all personalities, interests and goals. It may seem cheesy, but there really is something for everyone! I have been in a few organizations where I just did not feel like I belonged, so I left. Easy as that. I found something that fit me so much better. When I am involved with different organizations on campus, I really feel like I’m part of Kent State. I feel like I’m more than just a student going to class. Also, it may seem like a minor thing, but when I walk across campus now, I actually recognize people and can wave to multiple people as I run to class or my next meeting.

Without getting involved on campus, I wouldn’t have met my boyfriend as well as about 95% of the people I talk to now. I wouldn’t have figured out what I want to do after college, and I definitely would not have been as proud to be a Kent State student. Every organization brings something different to the table, but there is no harm in testing the waters to see what works. While I started with a major/academic organization, there are so many other avenues. And for all of the Communication Studies majors/minors or just anyone who is interested in Communications, check out Kent Communication Society! KCS meets every Wednesday at 5 pm in Taylor Hall, 144.

Emily Carle is a Senior, Applied Communication major and marketing assistant in the CCI Dean’s Office.


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