Tips and Tricks: Scheduling

By Nicole Gennarelli

It’s something every student on campus has to do every semester. Looking up classes, seeing if you like the teacher, what times are the courses offered, and asking yourself if you can make it from Moulton Hall to Taylor Hall in fifteen minutes are all valid concerns. Not to mention wondering if you’ll even be able to register for a class that has two spots left. Scheduling on top of school work can add to any college student’s stress level.
However, by following these tips that have proved helpful to me, I’m sure scheduling will become much easier.

  1. Make an advising appointment– Make an appointment as soon as possible. You can find links to each of the four schools on CCI’s website. Each of the school’s websites have links and guides to finding information about advising, and you can schedule an appointment online. Advisors are extremely helpful, can help you figure out what classes are necessary to take, and can make sure you have all the prerequisites you need for next semester.
  2. Look up your classes & times as soon as possible– This is very important. Scheduling sneaks up fast and many people do not take the time to put together a tentative schedule. It helps to write down all your classes, what times they’re offered, and what hall they are in. This gives you a picture of what your semester will look like and allows you to switch classes around depending on what you want your school week to look like.
  3. Write down the CRN numbers for classes– This makes the night of scheduling ten times easier. When everyone goes on Flashline exactly at midnight, they’re all doing the same thing you are- scrambling to get into the classes they want. So by writing down the CRN numbers ahead of time, you can go to the add/drop classes tab on Flashline and just type those numbers at the bottom of the screen and hit register. It eliminates searching for your classes and adding them by department.
  4. Make sure you registered correctly– It is easy, sometimes, to think you made it into a class when you actually didn’t. By going to the “My Courses” tab in Flashline, you will see your classes broken down by semester. There, you can scroll down and view what classes you have taken and what you are registered for in the upcoming semester. If you successfully registered for all the classes you wanted, you should see them all listed under spring 2011 (or whichever semester is next).

These tips are easy and actually really useful! I do this every semester and it eliminates a lot of stress. When it comes time to watch the clock, countdown to midnight, and scramble to type the CRN numbers in correctly, you’ll be thankful you followed these four tips.

Nicole Gennarelli is a Junior Public Relations major and marketing assistant in the Dean’s Office of the College of Communication and Information.


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