The Perfect Switch

By Renae Pettigrew

I know how the saying “nothing is perfect” goes, but in this case I beg to differ! Ever since eighth grade, I was advised to pursue a career in journalism.

Why? Because I was a person who loved to write about anything. Ever since then I stuck with the goal to study journalism at a four-year college but just needed to find where.

Thanks to a family friend, Kent State was my first choice. I researched the program throughout my senior year in high school and loved everything about it. From reading about TV-2, Black Squirrel Radio, and certain class requirements, I was ready to go.

Once the time finally came to move in and begin my career as a college undergrad, things were much different than I expected. I didn’t do so well my first year at Kent State because I was homesick and didn’t readjust my study habits. Because of this, I was put on academic probation and fell behind in my catalog year in the JMC program.

By the end of sophomore year, I was finally able to breathe with being off of academic probation, but my GPA just wasn’t high enough to meet JMC’s 2.75 requirement. I met with an advisor about my situation. She gave me advice about how switching to a major in Communication Studies would be the best choice, where I would still able to pursue a career in writing or broadcasting.

Ever since I switched, I’ve been a very happy college student! I maintained an average GPA, was able to take classes that I enjoyed, and learned a lot about the world of communication.

Pursuing a career in communication is broader than journalism. There are many more job options, but finding the right job is more complex. With a communication degree, I am able to hold a career in the world of public relations, even though public relations is more affiliated with journalism. Public relations is the career that I decided to focus on, although I would still someday love to broadcast and be on the news. Now I have an internship in the Dean’s Office in the College of Communication and Information, which made me even happier about the switch. Now that I think about it, a number of people who were in my communication classes throughout the years had also made the switch from journalism to communication.

Thank you Communications Studies, for picking me up from journalism after I fell!

Renae Pettigrew is a Senior Applied Communication major and practicum student in the Dean’s Office of the College of Communication and Information.


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