Will I get a job after I graduate?

By Andrew Gardner

In today’s economic climate the question that seems to be on every student’s mind is “will I get a job after I graduate?” I’ve probably thought more about this question than any other topic throughout my academic career. It seems you face this question everywhere you turn nowadays, from A.M. talk radio stations reporting the struggling economy to the numerous times your asked by your friends and family members: “So, do you have something lined up after you graduate?”

Although times are tough, there are many resources on the web and around campus to help you not only find a job when you graduate, but also enhance your social networks and resume to reach the employers and get them to notice you. In today’s job market, probably the two most important questions you will have to ask yourself are “how much experience do you have” and “who do you know?”

When looking at experience, most jobs want you to have at least some practical experience or your resume won’t even get looked at. Fortunately, KSU offers many tools to help you with this before and after you graduate. One great resource you have as being a student is the Career Services Center web page. Here you can find great resume and cover letter tips, interviewing advice, and most importantly, in my opinion, the job board. The job board has thousands of jobs that stretch across nearly all of KSU’s academic spectrum. On top of that, they offer non-paid internships all the way up to high paying graduate level opportunities.

So maybe KSU’s Career Services aren’t your style, there are many other ways to get your name out there. One useful resource is the internet. Sites like Career Builder and Monster are just a couple of the hundreds of job sites that are out there. (Many are free and very useful in getting your resume to lots of eyes.) Another great resource in LinkedIn, a site that lets you network with professionals. Although times are tough right now in America and Ohio especially, with the right professional connections and practical experience anyone can find a job when they graduate. It’s all what you put into it in my opinion.

Andrew Gardner is a Senior Applied Communication major and practicum student in the CCI Dean’s Office.


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