Best Study Spots: With and Without Internet

By Anne Dudley

Around this time of year, the library, I admit, can be a mess of people everywhere! If you don’t get there at the right time it could be hard to find a seat. And we all know the obvious places to study like Jazzman’s/Cyber Café, study lounges, lower Eastway by the market…. But where do you go to really get away?

I used to get made fun of as an undergrad because I always went and hid away by myself to study. I’d settle into a hiding spot and work until someone found me or I was finished. It wasn’t until I needed some distraction or a friend to keep me awake that I would study with others. Since then, I’ve gotten better at studying in various places alone or with groups.

Another big study challenge is the good ‘ol internet. We all love it, but it can be a huge distraction when you’re really trying to accomplish something. Facebook can waste hours of time and energy you could use to focus! So, choose a place below based on whether you really need internet or not.

Here are some of my top spots on and around the Kent Campus:

Without Internet:

  • Downtown – The Backerei is a German bakery in Kent. Try the Gouda Pretzel . You won’t regret it!
  • The Bus – Call me crazy but driving clears my head. Reading a book or reviewing for a test while riding the bus is just enough distraction and gives you something new to look at.
  • Drop in tutoring at the Academic Success Center – Michael Schwartz Center
  • Sixth floor of library and up
  • Recreation and Wellness Center – get on a bike and read or review notes while working off some of that stress!

With Internet:

  • CIRL –The Communication Instructional Resource Lab in Taylor Hall is open until 5 p.m. and has plenty of computers and couch space to go around.  
  • Computer labs – less people, usually pretty quiet and most open until 8 p.m. Try Bowman, the Student Center, Business building, Beall/McDowell, and Tri-Towers.
  • Kent Free Library – located on West Main Street. ‘Nuf said.
  • Panera Bread – if you’re like me, you might need to go for a drive just to clear your head once or twice a week (as noted above). Grab a booth and some soup at Panera.
  • Downtown: Scribbles Coffee Co., Franklin Square Deli, Artic Squirrel, and Wild Goats Café. Take yourself to lunch or a snack and a study session.
  • Hidden spots in academic buildings: Honors College Library, the 2nd Floor of Cartwright Hall, the IRC in White Hall (Library and Computer lab on the Second Floor), Food for Thought in White Hall, the Moulton Hall lobby, or the lower level of Oscar Ritchie Hall.

Anne Dudley is a graduate student studying public relations in the College of Communication and Information.


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