What is CCI doing for Kent’s United Way Efforts?

By Emily Carle

Kent Communication Society wins CCI Kent State Penny Wars

In the College of Communication and Information’s fundraising efforts for the United Way, the student organizations combined to raise $90.09. Together the four CCI Kent State organizations of Kent Communication Society, AAF Kent, PRSSA and AIGA raised money through a Penny War Nov. 8 through Nov. 19. Each organization was responsible for collecting money in their schools as well as across campus while trying to “sabotage” the other groups’ collections.

In a Penny War, each penny counts for one point and all silver coins count as negative points. For example, if a group were to collect 25 pennies and a quarter, their total would be zero. This encourages competing groups to donate more money in nickels, dimes and quarters to the other groups. All of the money goes to a good cause and the competition is all in fun.

Kent Communication Society’s president, Arianne Gasser, expressed KCS’s excitement over the Penny War, “I felt that KCS was excited about raising the money because they like the idea of sabotaging the other teams,” also Arianne added “[KCS is] a highly motivated group and they have excellent potential to do great things for the community.”

Though Kent State’s CCI organizations have similar goals and even some similar members, they have not always participated in many events together. After this success with Penny Wars, there will hopefully be more collaboration within the school’s organizations. Gasser goes on to say that she would “love to do more events involving the other CCI organizations. I would like to see more interaction between the groups so everyone has the chance to meet new people and share ideas.”

As this fall semester is coming to a close, there is hope that the upcoming semester could bring more chances for KCS, AAF Kent, PRSSA and AIGA to work together in other social and community service related activities and fundraisers.

Emily Carle is a senior applied communications major and marketing assistant in the Dean’s Office of the College of Communication and Information.


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