What can I do with a degree in communication studies?

By Emily Carle

Kent Communication Society and Lambda Pi Eta showcase opportunities for Communication Studies students

The School of Communication Studies’ two student organizations, Kent Communication Society (KCS) and Lambda Pi Eta (LPE) teamed up for the event Communication Convention: Making the Most of your Communication Degree geared towards all COMM students. The event, which took place on Dec. 7, 2010, 8:30-10:00 PM in room 317 in the Kent Student Center featured students, faculty and alumni who spoke to answer the question: You majored in what?!

Speakers included senior students Rosalind Bowden, Arianne Gasser, Casey Zimmerman, Devin White, Myrna Daher and Emily Carle all of whom spoke about their experiences at Kent State, involvement on campus, and future plans with their communication degree. In the hopes of helping students new to the major, the senior students also offered advice and suggestions to the group, including the classes to take and what to expect in college and after graduation.

After the student speakers, faculty members Lorie Hopp and Dr. David Trebing each spoke about their paths to working at Kent State. Both are KSU alums and also discussed their experiences at Kent State and advice for current students. Also, both offered great advice applicable to all college students looking to make the most of their time in college and beyond.

From there, the alumni panelists came up to the podium to tell their own stories. Karen Koch, 1984, and Joe Di Lullo, 2004, both graduated from what is now Kent State’s College of Communication and Information. Each has taken a different career path and was able to give insight into life after college.

One fact that every speaker touched on was the importance of communication in every avenue of work and interaction. Current students to faculty all use communication every day and alumni stress that it’s a top skill that employers are looking for. The core message that was spread throughout the night was the importance of communication and the prevalence of communication in many jobs and careers.

KCS and LPE are planning to continue this event next semester with even more speakers to try and focus on students graduating in May that may need encouragement or networking opportunities. Also, KCS will be planning many more events for current students next semester to try and increase involvement within the school.


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