What major should I choose?

By Nicole Gennarelli

With more than 250 baccalaureate programs of study, picking a major and knowing if it is the right fit can be difficult.

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Biggest tip: Do something you have a passion for.

When I started my freshman year at Kent State, I was a science major. I know that’s a complete 180 from public relations. I realized at the end of my first semester that I did not want to take any more science classes. I looked at my requirements for future classes, and had no desire to take organic chemistry and multiple labs. I knew that I needed to change my major to something I enjoyed.

I took advantage of the Career Services Center in Michael Schwartz. A counselor helped me think about what values and characteristics I wanted in a major and career. I realized I loved working with others, writing, and didn’t want an office job where I was going to sit at a desk from 9-5.

I researched public relations and saw that many careers fall under that field. I found the field interesting and saw that I could go in so many different directions with a degree in public relations. I made an appointment with my advisor and officially switched my major.

I started my public relations classes the beginning of my sophomore year and realized that changing my major was the best decision for me. My classes consistently challenge me every semester and have allowed me to become a better writer. I get to write, a passion I’ve always had, learn more about the use of social media in mass communication, and work on projects with other public relations majors. This major is definitely the right fit for me.

Whether you’re majoring in biology, Spanish or accounting, do what you love and love what you do.

To make an advising appointment in the College of Communication and Information click here.

Nicole Gennarelli is a junior public relations major and marketing assistant in the Dean’s Office of the College of Communication and Information.


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