VCD Graduate Student Plays Integral Role in Campus-Wide Improvements

By Brianne Kimmel

Visual Communication Design (VCD) Master of Fine Arts Graduate Student Aimee Crane continues environmental design project from her undergrad.

Photos courtesy of Aimee Crane

Through her Fall 2008 Environmental Graphic Design course with VCD Professor David Middleton, Aimee Crane has designed ten pedestrian wayfinding signs to improve Kent State University’s campus. Crane’s design was selected, along with VCD Alumna Kimberly Hall’s color coded map design, to appear strategically throughout the campus.

She continues to work with Professor Middleton to update and expand Kent State’s environmental design to create an efficient, easy-to-navigate campus for visitors and incoming freshman.
Photos courtesy of Aimee Crane

Crane is a third semester graduate student and plans to become a VCD professor in 3D design. The 3D program at Kent State is growing and students should consider this much needed field, said Crane. She attributes much of her success to her experience with KSU’s two- week, intensive SEGD Workshop. The networking and skills learned during this summer program gives you confidence to become a more knowledgeable graphic designer.

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Crane is involved with the Society of Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD). She also writes for Kent State’s VCD Graduate Student Blog.

Brianne Kimmel is a senior advertising major and marketing assistant in the Dean’s Office of the College of Communication and Information.


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