Ethics in 100 Words or Less: Jan Leach

What exactly is ethics? Jan Leach, Assistant Professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, enlightens us in the video below.

Post by Brianne Kimmel

Brianne Kimmel is a senior advertising major and marketing assistant in the Dean’s Office of the College of Communication and Information.


3 thoughts on “Ethics in 100 Words or Less: Jan Leach”

    1. Jennifer,

      Journalists may face a wide variety of ethical dilemmas. Selective reporting and sensationalism are common criticisms of unethical journalists.

      Some difficult ethical dilemmas could include whether or not to publish the names of minors or crime victims, using controversial photos from graphic or shocking events and balancing citizens’ right to privacy with the public’s right to be informed.

      Poynter’s News University is a great resource to learn more about ethical journalism

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