Why I Should Use Linked In?

By Brianne Kimmel

In a social media-driven world, college students forget which “relationships matter” when landing their dream job.

Let’s face it, as college students we are addicted to social media. We update our status on Facebook, we shamelessly tweet on Twitter and we deny ever having a Myspace account. As most of us spend hours on social media, we often forget to invest quality content into our virtual reputation. Linked In has a unique platform to help land your dream job, if used to its full advantage.

Image from http://images.toonpool.com/user/589/files/facebook_132865.jpg

Linked In is a networking tool to reconnect with classmates and colleagues, discover listed job opportunities and even connect with future employers.  A Linked In profile displays everything from your resumé to recommendations from classmates and professors, in other words it’s a free way to get your employer’s attention. Creating a detailed, professional profile on Linked In is a must before starting your job search because hiring managers do their research before they schedule interviews.

Connections are the key to successfully using Linked In because “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” when pursuing your dream job.  As you connect with colleagues, classmates, professors and potential employers, your social network expends and increases your chances for an interview. Linked In displays company profiles, so contacting specific employees or human resources department is more feasible than simply calling a company with point of reference. Connections on Linked In create and maintain lasting professional relationships, which lead to future opportunities.

Image from http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/notes-from-north-sheridan/assets_c/2010/10/social-network-thumb-400x300-236831.jpg

Before you begin your job search, build your social network and a name for yourself online. Linked In consists of multiple resources to get your qualifications and accomplishments in front of future employers.

Brianne Kimmel is a senior advertising major and marketing assistant in the Dean’s Office of the College of Communication and Information.


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