Familiar Faces: Vince Giles

By Emily Carle

Here’s a fact that everyone knows: Kent State University employs thousands of faculty and staff. Some meet directly with students, some don’t. There are also some staff members that are very important for students to know about, especially within CCI. The newest addition to Why CCI Kent’s blog will cover those familiar faces around the College of Communication & Information that students should get to know.

First on the list, you have to meet Vince Giles, the academic advisor for the School of Visual Communication Design. Right now, his office is located in 113A Art Building, complete with a comfortable couch for relaxing. An advisor at Kent State since 2001, Vince has been exclusive with VCD since 2008.

Vince Giles, VCD Advisor
Vince Giles, VCD Advisor

Most students visit Vince with questions about course scheduling and course sequencing. With VCD being such a sequential major, it is vital for students to stay on the right track. Students also ask questions about majors, minors, classes and just the general question: “Am I on the right path?” Besides the academic life, Vince encourages students to come by and talk about anything, music and sports are some favorites, but anything is up for discussion in his office; he notes, “life isn’t just about academics, success isn’t just about academics.”

In his own words, Vince is the “ultimate wingman.” He is “absolutely committed to students, it’s not just a professional charge but also a personal goal. I am the ultimate wingman, I am the assist man. My assist game is phenomenal. I’m like the Robin to these students, I’ll hook them up.”

Emily Carle is a senior applied communication major and marketing assistant in the Dean’s Office of the College of Communication and Information.


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