JMC Scholarship Applications due Friday

By Julie Battaglia

Scholarships are an easy way to decrease your loan debt for after graduation. Kent State University’s School of Journalism of Mass Communication offers many scholarships in various areas. Many people think it is hard to apply and obtain a scholarship, but actually it is very simple.

The application asks for three things: an essay about yourself, a portfolio of your work, and your KAPS report. Make sure to read the individual description for each scholarship you apply for and explain why you have the best qualifications for the scholarship in your essay. The essay should also indicate any organizations, professional or internship experience and whether you have financial need. After proofreading your essay, make sure to gather samples of work you have done to create a portfolio. In the portfolio you can add scripts, digital tapes (not exceeding 5 minutes), or still photos (digital on Mac-formatted CD). It is recommended to submit a digital portfolio but make sure the CD or DVD will open and files can be read accordingly. Last, sign onto Flashline and print out your KAPS report.

When you apply, you are automatically considered for all appropriate scholarships. Keep in mind when turning in the essay, portfolio, and KAPS report place them in a 9 X 12 Manila envelope with your name and major on the front. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The deadline for 20011-2012 scholarship applications is  5 p.m. in then JMC office, 201 Franklin Hall Friday, February 11, 2011.

To be eligible to apply for these scholarships you must be officially declared in a JMC major or pre-major and cannot be scheduled to graduate before August 2011. Graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply. The applicants are judged based on professional promise, grades, and need. If granted the scholarship the awards are paid directly to your university account at the Bursar’s office and will be applied to tuition and other fees. Winners will be and notified Friday, March 11, 2011 and a list will be posted outside of the Reading Room, 212 Franklin Hall the following Monday. In addition to the list an awards reception will be held Sunday, April 3, 2011. Parents and family are invited to attend the reception.

This is the link to the Scholarship Descriptions and the link to the application.

There are also university based scholarships current students and incoming freshman can apply for. To apply for one of these and for more complete scholarship information, please contact the Financial Aid office. Most of the deadlines for the upcoming fall semester are in January and February. Information was found on Kent State University’s JMC site, and below is a list of all the titles of scholarships available.

American Society of Business Press Editors Scholarship

Robert Burdock Award

Ronald Dean Clark Scholarship in Editorial Writing

Walton D. Clarke Endowed Scholarship

Edward Cliney Award. Ralph C. Darrow Award

Robert C. and Helen Westcott Dix Scholarship

Roger and Ada Fidler Scholarship

Wiliam A. Fisher Award

Al Fitzpatrick Scholarship

John Fowler Award

Trudy and Allen Goodkin Award

Lloyd W. Hanson and Harvey E. Rahn Scholars Award

JMC/Akron Press Club Award

JMC Alumni Council Legacy Scholarship

Herb Kamm/Scripps Howard Scholarship

Dick Kostic/Cleveland Press Club Scholarship

Paul Ashby Lewis Scholarship

Phil Macomber Scholarship

E. Zoe McCathrin Public Relations Scholarship

BethAnn McClain Scholarship

Robert McGruder Scholarship and Alumni Scholarship. Marge McNab Block Award

David A. Meeker Endowed Scholarship

Doug Moore Award.

Frances B. Murphey Scholarship

William H. Oliver Fellowship in Public Affairs

Paul Poorman Scholarship

Portage Community Bank Award

Murray Powers Award

PRSSA Fellowship Award

Ludel Sauvageot Scholarship

John L. Scott Endowed Scholarship

Robert K. Shaul Advertising Scholarship

Paula Slimak Scholarshi

Ralph W. and Bettie Smith Memorial Award

Robert Sorino Memorial Scholarship

Gene Stebbins/JMC Alumni Council Scholarship

Wallace H. and Peggy V. Stroud Scholarship

James M. Sutherland Scholarship

William Taylor Scholarship

Thompson Family Award

Loris C. Troyer Scholarship

Nancy E. Whitehead Journalism Scholarship

Julie Battaglia is a senior applied communication major and practicum student in the Dean’s Office of the College of Communication and Information.


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