Are you a Communication Studies student looking for more experience within the field

PSI Internship Opportunity

By Emily Carle

Are you a Communication Studies student looking for more experience within the field? Kent State University’s School of Communication Studies offers a unique and fulfilling internship opportunity right in the walls of Taylor Hall. The PSI Internship program allows current COMM students to work with the students in the COMM 15000 basic course, Introduction to Human Communication. All Communication Studies majors who are of at least sophomore standing and have completed 15 COMM credit hours are eligible to apply.

Some benefits to being a PSI Intern include:

–        Improve own communication skills and knowledge

–        Develop strong leadership qualities

–        Gain experience instructing at the college level

–        Counts towards COMM as either internship, individual study or practicum credits

As a former PSI Intern, I would highly recommend this program for any and all communication majors. Not only does it help your credits towards graduation, but you get to deal with many experiences that you can use in future interviewing or networking situations. A popular interview questions is: Tell me about a time when you were in a leadership position. From the PSI Internship experience, I can go into detail about my weekly class sessions with my COMM 15K students, answering questions, being a source of knowledge, planning activities together, communicating in person and via email, conducting individual meetings and more. There are so many ways that the experiences with the PSI Internship apply to different facets of life.

To be part of this unique opportunity, applications are due March 18 at 4:00 pm. Students can pick up and drop off the application in Taylor Hall 135. For more information, connect with the PSI Internship Facebook page or email Jenny Rosenberg at

PSI Internship Flyer
PSI Internship Flyer
Emily Carle is a senior applied communication studies major and marketing assistant in the Dean’s Office of the College of Communication and Information.


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