Kent State’s NYC Studio Mixes Fashion, Media and Real World Experience to Differentiate Students

       By Brianne Kimmel


     Adding world renowned fashion courses to any CCI major takes mediocrity   out of  your career options. Regardless of your major, a semester at Kent State’s NYC Studio will set you apart from the average student.  Attending fashion- focused courses with industry-leading guest speakers, while working or interning in New York City gives students experience not available anywhere else. Living and learning in New York City’s Garment District near top designers like Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Oscar De La Renta, students see how the fashion industry works behind the scenes.

         Incorporating fashion into your career may take a little creativity, but the job opportunities are endless. Below are just a few ways to incorporate the NYC Studio into your Kent State career.

Public Relations/ Advertising Students: 


·         Intern for an advertising or pr agency on Madison Avenue

·         Take Fashion Marketing, The Luxury Market, or Fashion in the Media to understand consumers and how to market high-end products and services.


VCD Students: 


·         Intern for a specific fashion designer or at any of the numerous ad agencies

·         Take Illustrator and Photoshop for Fashion, Fashion in the Media, or any other fashion-related courses.

Other Journalism Students:


·         Intern at a fashion magazine, news network, or media source like the New York Times

·         Take Fashion Forecasting, Fashion in the Media, or other relevant courses.


      New York City has immeasurable opportunities to start an exciting career after graduation. Spending a semester immersed in culture, education and experience differentiates Kent State NYC Studio students from other job seekers because of the unique, specialized program. Check with your academic advisor and/or internship coordinator to incorporate NYC Studio courses into specific major requirements. 


Visit the Web for more information on Kent State University or the NYC Studio



Brianne Kimmel is a senior advertising major and marketing assistant in the Dean’s Office of the College of Communication and Information.


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