Spring Communication Convention

By Emily Carle

In a broad field like communications, finding the right path may be difficult. It may not be linear, it may take trial and error to get to the end goal, but it can and will bring success. As an undergraduate student, the thought of finding a job in the field of communications may be daunting and help along the way is a must. For Kent State University communication studies students, help is all around.

At the Spring Communication Convention on March 8, students gathered in Taylor Hall to hear fellow students, faculty and alumni all speak about the importance of communication and how to make the most of the experience within communication studies. The event was sponsored by Kent Communication Society and Lambda Pi Eta, two student organizations in the School of Communication Studies and wanted to focus on students who were looking for answers.

Student speakers included Emily Carle, Kristen Campobenedetto, Arianne Gasser, Brittany Maurer, Meredith Schrmack, Kati Walters, and Devin White speaking on topics such as involvement on campus, internship opportunities, study abroad options and different tracks within communication studies.

Devin White speaks at the Spring Communication Convention

Dr. David Trebing, professor in the School of Communication Studies, spoke about his journey in communication studies and his advice for current students while Dr. Rozell Duncan stressed the importance of advising and keeping up with courses.

Dr. David Trebing

The keynote alumni speaker, John Kolencik ’87, is a true success story in communication. After working in sales positions in many different fields, he hit his stride with Matrix Impact, a firm designed to improve any organization’s sales, marketing and customer service departments. The key that Kolencik stressed was relationships. Communication is about relationships. Through life experiences, movie clips and reward money, Kolencik really hit home for students the relevance and impact of a degree in communication.

For students who were not able to attend the Communication Convention and have questions about the School of Communication Studies, post a comment on the blog and we’ll get in touch with you!

Dr. Rozell Duncan, Arianne Gasser, John Kolencik & Emily Carle

Upcoming School of Communication Studies Events:

PSI Internship Applications due: March 18

Hyde Park Forum: April 5

Cleveland Communication Day: April 15

Emily is a senior applied communication studies major at Kent State and marketing assistant for the College of Communication & Information


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