Post Graduation Week!

Welcome back CCIKent Staters!

We hope you enjoyed your Spring Break!

Today through Friday, WhyCCIKent will be featuring its first-ever “Post Graduation Week!”

This week’s posts will feature information on what to expect after graduation, what other CCI students are doing, options for what to do after graduation, and much, much more! Our bloggers plan to provide plenty of valuable information for you to take with you after you graduate, or to prepare for graduation.

Graduation Cap
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Comment, reply, or email to let us know what you think or what your post graduation plans are!


2 thoughts on “Post Graduation Week!”

  1. I’m so excited to check out the posts this week! I’ll be graduating in May, and right now I’m still looking for a job. I’m targeting PR jobs in Raleigh and Pittsburgh. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a job offer before I walk across that stage on May 7!

    1. Carrie,
      Thanks for your comment! We certainly wish you the best in your job search! Will you be attending the job and internship fair this Friday?

      Finding a job “out of town” is really interesting to me! Any suggestions?

      Let us know what you think about our upcoming posts! We’d love your feedback!

      Good luck,

      WhyCCIKent Blogger

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