The Art of Crafting a Resume

By Brianne Kimmel

Suggestions to Stand Out Against the Templates

With summer just a couple months away, it’s time to start applying for jobs and internships, or even change your current strategy to ensure a few call backs.  Resumes have significantly evolved over the years, so making your resume pop will take some research… and maybe a few stitches.
1.)    Embrace your inner salesperson

Pitch yourself like a product:  Think why an employer NEEDS you… not why you WANT to work for them.
A video resume is the ultimate way to present your thirty second elevator pitch, sites like RezBuzz or Say Hello There offer free video platforms to show off your interview skills.
Keep your pitch simple and effective. Avoid clichés, HR has heard it all. Think confident professional, not used –car salesman.

Image of Salesman
Used Car Salesman from

2.)    Interact with HR

Place yourself in HR’s position. After reading hundreds of black and white PDF resumes, wouldn’t you love to have an interactive, visual experience?  With Visual CV, you can upload a professional photo, documents, charts and videos… basically anything to get you in for an interview.  Black and white gets monotonous, show some color and initiative.

Visual Resume Image
Visual CV Image from

3.)    Forget Steps One and Two

Let’s face it, we all aren’t techies.  Resumes are meant to showcase your talents and personality. Creativity can come in many forms; try creating your resume using a medium that’s symbolic to your personality.  If you enjoy fashion or simplistic design, put your resume on vintage fabric. If you can paint, try an art canvas.  Not only will you stand out; your resume will be harder to throw away.
Don’t be afraid to highlight what sets you apart. At the end of the day, HR wants someone pleasant and enjoyable to work with each day.

Resume on Fabric
Resume on Fabric from

Visit the Web for additional unique resume ideas and designs, sites like and Razume offer resume design techniques and advice.

Brianne Kimmel is a senior advertising major and marketing assistant in the Dean’s Office of the College of Communication and Information.


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