Celebrate Lake Hall and Olson Hall’s 50th!


Lake-Olson turns 50!

Lake Hall and Olson Hall, the home of CCI Commons, are turning the big 5, 0 and are celebrating in style with a weeklong celebration.

Monday, March 28th

The Fancy 50th Kick Off Lake Lounge 8:30pm

Tuesday, March 29th

Gilligan’s Treasure Hunt Island The Quad 4:00pm

Wednesday, March 30th

Beach Boy Beach Party The Quad / Olson Lounge 4:00pm

Thursday, March 31st 50th

Birthday Bash Lift Off The Quad  5:00pm

Friday, April 1st

60’s Sadie Hawkins Dance Lake Patio / Lounge  7:00pm

Other Lake-Olson Upcoming Events

CCI would also like to encourage participation in The Black Squirrel Film Festival. This student-judged event, is open to all KSU students. Short films less than 10 minutes of any genre will be accepted. Entries must be submitted by 8 p.m. Friday, April 8th, in room 201 of Franklin Hall. Contact Simon Husted at shusted1@kent.edu with any questions.

The films will be shown in the Kiva 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 20th.`

Prizes:  Avid Media Composer 5 software Audio Technica Shotgun Microphone

On April 4th, come volunteer with POWER corps. This is a non-profit organization in the portage county area. They provide social, recreation, and leisure activities for adults with disabilities. Come to the Lake Lounge for BINGO as always, there will be dinner and prizes! This is a great opportunity for you to try something new, and it may even spark an interest for you.


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