Why Summer Classes?

By Britany Ruby

Summer, the best time of year right? Filled with vacations, tanning and pure relaxation. At least that’s how it goes for everyone but me. While I would’ve loved to spend my summer taking road trips with my friends. I decided to put on my big girl pants and spend my summer in Kent taking classes. And although Kent seems barren this summer, I know that I’m not the only student spending their summer in school.

Many students are on Kent’s main campus, regional campuses, and even at home taking various classes for many reasons. The most common reason students take summer classes is to get ahead in their major. One summer of taking classes could allow a student to graduate a whole semester early. Another reason is to boost their GPA, for example I am taking a special topics course this summer that will definitely boost my GPA. A lot of students also take summer classes at their home community colleges or Kent regional campuses to save money. In some cases taking one of your Kent Core classes at another university can be almost $500 cheaper than taking them at Kent’s main campus.

While there are a lot of positives in taking summer classes there are also a few negative aspects. The obvious one is giving up at least a part of your summer. The classes that are offered during the summer are sometimes more intense than they are in normal semesters because of the shorter time span. There is also the financial aid issue, where you may have to pay out of pocket for a class at another campus.

Whether you were looking into taking classes already or this post sparked your interest, take a look into taking summer classes. Compare the positives and negatives of spending your summer in school. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide that taking summer classes will benefit you in the long run.

Britany is a senior applied communication studies major and a practicum student for the College of Communication and Information.


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