How does CCI fit into Destination Kent State?

By Emily Carle

For all of our newest Kent State students, the most exciting part of the summer outside of move-in day is Destination Kent State. The day and a half orientation program allows students to learn more about Kent State, meet faculty and advisors, schedule classes and most importantly connect with fellow classmates.

While all of the information is beneficial to student success, it can be a little overwhelming. To make it easier for students, there are different sessions focusing on specific topics throughout their time in Kent. Specifically, the session Pillars of Success, known just as Pillars, focuses on each student’s major and how to get involved within their college.

As the College of Communication and Information, we offer students a look into the structure of the college and where they fit in their school and their major. Kent State University can be a big place and it is comforting to know that students have a home within CCI. Some of the best ways to feel connected is by getting involved. Luckily with CCI, there are dozens of ways to get involved with all of our majors. We stress to students, first-year students especially, to get involved in some way.

Our award-winning Student Media offers all students real-world experience in a handful of different media. Other CCI clubs include Kent Communication Society, American Institute of Graphic Arts, KSU Ad Club, and Public Relations Student Society of America that allow students to connect with classmates, faculty and alumni.

Outside of offering a support system and opportunities to the new CCI students, we want to help students find their paths within their major. To explore the majors that the college offers, visit the About CCI page or browse all degrees through Graduation Planning System.

Another valuable addition for a college student is the opportunity to study abroad. CCI offers numerous programs from two weeks to semester long trips abroad that cater to the wants and skills of our own students.

From Destination Kent State to Graduation, CCI will be there for student for advice, support, opportunities and experience. Come to us with questions!

What are some tips you wish you would have learned as a first-year student?

If you are a first-year student, what questions do you have about CCI Kent State?

If you have already attended Destination Kent State, what was your favorite part? What could be improved?

Emily is a communication studies graduate and a marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information.


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