Student Profile: Brittany Psurny

By Britany Ruby

Full Name: Brittany Psurny

Major/Minor: VCD major, photo illustration minor

Year in School: Senior

Expected Graduation Date: August!

Current Internship (Company/Position): Aeropostale – Graphic design intern for women’s tees/accessories

How did you find out about this internship? I interned there last summer as well. Same position with the same team (mostly). My brother is a graphic designer as well and he sent my resume to some of his friends/colleagues and Aero was the only place I got a call back from.

What were your expectations before you started? I knew exactly what to expect having done it last year. I was really looking forward to seeing the graphics team again, they are all so friendly and helpful. Last year on my last day they got me gifts!

What was your first day like? My first day this year was exactly like my first day last year. Aero has a very large internship program. There are (I think) 23 interns this summer. They made me sit through the same orientation as last summer complete with power point about the companies values, mission, etc. Thankfully they had free breakfast for us and a few small gifts.

Were you given time to get use to the way things work in the office or were you put straight to work? I basically started working on things as soon as I got there but there wasn’t a need for me to get used to anything. I am even sitting in the same desk as last year. The only difference is now I have a different boss, but I knew her from last year.

How have you adjusted after being at your internship for a little over a week now? Its going great. My hours are 9-6 with an hour lunch. It’s a little exhausting. I get up at 6 almost every day to work out and get ready for work. On the way to work I grab breakfast. I leave work at 6 and get home at 6-7. It’s a long day.

Does the internship meet up to the expectations you had going into it? Definitely. I had a great experience last summer. Some of my art from last summer made it onto the shirts this summer (they work a year ahead). And this summer I am doing even more design work.

What are your day-to-day tasks? The team occasionally asks me to do small tasks for them such as printing out things and posting them on boards, updating files, etc. but usually they treat me like one of the team. Most days I am working on designing tees right along with them. It’s a great experience.

How are these tasks allowing you to use the skills you have learned in the classroom? My attention to detail that the VCD program has instilled in me is definitely coming into play. My ability to do good research before starting a project, critical thinking and my hand skills all are important as well. But to be completely honest, the specific skills from my classes didn’t translate into the workplace as I thought they would. I am learning more in a few months being in an actual work environment than I did in my entire VCD career.

Are there any requirements you have to meet at this internship for it to count within your major? A specific amount of hours per credit. I have already fulfilled my internship requirements, I am just taking this for the experience. They asked me to come back and I didn’t hesitate. I love NYC!

Do you think this internship is helping you with your larger career goals? Absolutely. This is great experience. I already have some professional pieces to put in my portfolio.

If you were offered a job there today would you take it? Yes

How has the KSU VCD program prepared you with for this internship and your greater career goals? Patience, thick skin, and the ability to truly commit to a project.

Do you have anything else you would like to share with me about your experiences at your internship or inside the classroom? Along with my internship, I am taking an online summer course. It is so much work but it’s definitely worth the sacrifices. Can’t wait to be a Kent State graduate in August!

Britany is a senior applied communication studies major and a practicum student for the College of Communication and Information.


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