Student Profile: Mike Caparanis

By Britany Ruby

Full Name: Mike Caparanis

Major: Visual Communication Design; Minor: Photo-Illustration

Year in School: 5th year Senior

Expected Graduation Date: December 2011

Current Internship: EATON Corp/ Digital Communications Intern

How did you find this internship? A KSU professor of mine emailed me the company’s request for a graphic design intern. I then sent the company my cover letter, resume, and portfolio sample sheet.

What were your expectations before you started? I expected to get real-world experience while working in a business and more specifically a business’s creative communication team. I just wanted to apply the knowledge and skill that I gained at KSU to a real world, practical setting.

When did you start your internship? June 2011

What was your first day like? There were a lot of preliminary procedures that I had to go through (i.e. orientations, getting my ID badge).

Were you given time to get use to the way things work in the office or were you thrown right into working? For the first couple days, I was eased into working for the company. This was a good thing in my eyes. EATON is a global company as well as a Fortune 500 company. The thought of working for such a well-known, successful company was a little intimidating at first.

How have you adjusted after being at your internship? I go to bed every night no later than 11, I get up early, drink coffee, listen to morning radio talk-shows on my drive to work, and then go to a cubical with my name on it. I hate to say it, but I may be growing up.

What are your day-to-day tasks? Right now, I am part of a team working on a specific campaign. I will be helping with flyers, E-newsletters, and parts of websites that will be seen globally.

How are these tasks allowing you to use the skills you have learned in the classroom? If you go back 3 years, I would have no idea how to perform the tasks asked of me here. Everything I do here, I have learned to do while at Kent State University. The skills and knowledge needed to do my job here at EATON I obtained at KSU.

Are there any requirements you have to meet at this internship for it to count within your major? Yes. First of all, before you even start, your internship has to be approved by the School of Visual Communication Design. Only then will it count towards your major. Secondly, you have to work at least 300 hours at your internship for it to count as a 3 credit hour course (which you need to graduate).

If you were offered a job here today would you take it? Absolutely, it is a great company, in a great location, and I am happy just to have the opportunity to internship with them for a few months. I would love to have a full-time job with them.

How has the KSU VCD program prepared you for this internship and your greater career goals? As I said earlier, I am asked to do very specific jobs here, related to the graphic design field. There is no way I would be able to complete these tasks without having had gone through the VCD program. I can tell that my time at KSU and in VCD has really prepared me for what I’ll meet in the real world.

Britany is a senior applied communication studies major and a practicum student for the College of Communication and Information.


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