Joining the Alumni Association

By Emily Carle

In previous blog posts, we have covered topics on graduating and post graduation ideas  and hopefully all new graduates are on the path towards a happy and successful career. While recent grads are connecting to their new jobs, new schools, new lives, it’s also important to stay connected to Kent State’s roots. Even as alumni, there is a rich culture to be found within Kent State’s Alumni Association.

One of the reasons I decided to join the Alumni Association is because of the extraordinary pride I have in my degree from Kent State University and my desire to use it to its full potential. With over 200,000 alumni across the globe, the Alumni Association gives me the ability to access the thousands of networks and opportunities through our vast alumni system. It is yet another organization to identify with and look to for support from now until forever.

Assistant Director of Student & Recent Graduate Programs Carrie Circosta is also a member of the Alumni Association and encourages all alumni, especially recent graduates, to join:

“Joining the Alumni Association has several benefits, but above all it helps alumni stay connected to Kent State University. The word ‘connected’ has so many meanings! By joining, you stay informed of what’s happening at the university, you have the opportunity to mentor current students and help make the university even stronger.”

“Kent State grads are out there every day doing wonderful things—by joining you keep us up-to-date on your success and we take the time to recognize you for your hard work. Your success is our strength, it helps build the reputation of the university and your membership helps us fulfill the university mission.”

As KSU alumni, we are lucky to have an organization that supports and provides us with special events and functions throughout the year, like an upcoming Coffee Tasting at Phoenix Coffee in Cleveland Heights.

There are a lot of helpful online resources for recent graduates on social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and as a downloadable application for your cell phone. Topics include purchasing car insurance, proper work etiquette and buying a home. While these resources are available for all alumni, even more are available to members.

To join the Alumni Association, learn about the different options & join today!
Emily is a communication studies graduate and a marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information.


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