What freshmen should expect in their first semester

By Nicole Gennarelli

Destination Kent State is over. You’ve scheduled your classes, been assigned your dorm room and roommate and are probably nervous and excited to move out of your parents’ house for the first time come August. If you’re from out-of-state or right here in Ohio, there are a few things you should expect as an incoming freshman in your first semester of college.

1.) Expect to get homesick- It’s totally normal to miss home, your family, your friends, pets and especially your own bed, but as the semester goes on it’ll get easier. Some people don’t have this problem and acclimate to the college atmosphere right away; some don’t. The best way to get over it is to get involved, make friends and stay busy. Make friends in your classes and meet up for dinner at Eastway or Rosies. Go to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center with your roommate and try out some free classes the first week back to school. Explore downtown Kent and check out some of the boutiques and shops. The more active you are, the less homesick you’ll be.

2.) Expect to feel overwhelmed initially– Everyone goes through this. Even seniors feel overwhelmed with their workload when the semester starts. It’s completely normal when you’ve never experienced a college level class before, you’re living away from home and professors expect more from you now. But just breathe, it’ll be okay. The best to way kick that overwhelmed feeling is to get organized. Buy a calendar, organizer or even use your cell phone and put in all those important dates you need to remember. Having them written down instead of floating in your head will help you relax and enjoy some down.

 3.) Expect to want to stay in your comfort zone– I came from a town about 30 minutes away from Kent, so a lot of people from my high school came to Kent too. The week before and first week of classes we all clung to each other because we were the only people each other knew. That’s normal, but branch out and talk to some fresh faces. I’m sure all of you are happy to have a different change of pace from high school, so branch out and make new friends. It can be scary at first, but you meet some life-long friends during your college experience.

4.) Expect to make memories of a lifetime- I know, I know, sounds cheesy/corny/mushy/whatever, but it’s true. Those late nights with friends turn into the best memories that you can reminisce about. With one year left in my college career, I can look back and honestly say I have some of the best memories from my freshman year! So take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way, make new friends and soak it up : )

Nicole is a senior public relations major and a marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information. 


One thought on “What freshmen should expect in their first semester”

  1. This truly helps the nerves to settle out and not to feel so over whelmed especially this coming from an over planner .

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