Summer changes in Kent & on campus

By Nicole Gennarelli

Demolition of The Robin Hood: A Kent State landmark was knocked down in spring 2011. Some Kent residents tried to persuade the owner, Christine Coven, to save the building. However, no one was able to save the building, and many memories were erased with the building.

Summer 2011 construction:

  • Harbourt Hall Renovations for Administrative Functions– Harbourt Hall is being renovated to provide office space for Facilities Planning and Operations and the Office of the University Architect.
  • Music and Speech Center Parking Lot renovation- The existing Music and Speech Center parking lot, including curbs, walks and asphalt surfaces, will be renovated, lighting replaced and pedestrian circulation through the lot improved. On-site construction is scheduled to be completed by August 19. 

Acorn Alley II: Construction continues as Kent continues to have good weather. The extension project of the popular Acorn Alley is scheduled to open this fall for the start of class at Kent State.

Bowman and Satterfield Halls Interior Renovations: The public spaces of both Bowman and Satterfield Halls are being renovated during the summer with the installation of new seating, lighting and finishes and technology upgrades throughout the main areas of the buildings. Construction is scheduled to be done in early August.

Nicole is a senior public relations major and a marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information.




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