Research: The Musical

By Britany Ruby

Are you a fan of Glee? Do you like raunchy humor? Do you enjoy watching movies that make you want to sing along? Well KSU Independent Films has a  fantastic show in store for you! Kent State University’s very own independent film company will be premiering its first feature length musical this fall.

The film, Research: The Musical, is about a group of biology students who are interning for the summer in a stem cell research lab. While they are interning at the Hope Falls Stem Cell Research Lab they are guided through mysterious mishaps and random musical numbers by their wacky boss Dr. Luv.  The students have to help each other save the lab and their internships, while having one unforgettable summer.

Research: The Musical’s Red Carpet Movie Premiere will be on December 8, 2011 in the Kent State University Ballroom. The premiere is open to the public and will include refreshments, a chance to meet the cast and first look at the film.  Pre-sale tickets are $5 for students/staff and $7 at the door. All general admission tickets are $10. Make sure you put away your money now, save the date, and invite friends! Whatever you do make sure you go see Research: The Musical. See you in the lab!

*Photos Courtesy of Melinda Yoho*

Britany is a senior applied communication studies major and a practicum student for the College of Communication and Information.


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