I am intern, hear me roar!

By Jayne Fenton

When I tell people I am doing three internships in one semester I usually get the same reaction, “Are you crazy?” Whether or not I am crazy, I know I am making the right decision regarding my choice to triple up on work experience. The internships I have been accepted into are giving me real-life experience, all of which are focused in a different field.

The first internship I accepted was the Personalized System of Instruction (PSI) internship with the School of Communication Studies. The PSI internship is a prestigious program in Communication Studies, which gives interns actual experience in a classroom. The internship is ideal for anyone who wishes to become a teacher, or those who want to continue their education with a master’s. At this point in my life I am not pursuing a master’s degree, nor do I want to teach. However, I know the experience will help me with my organizational, instructional, and communicative skills.

Allow me to backtrack for the second internship I was awarded. In the summer of 2011, I worked as a Research and Special Events intern for the School of Communication Studies. It was in that internship where I met Jennifer Kramer, Director of Public Relations and Marketing for the College of Communication and Information. Kramer showed an interest in my work ethic and encouraged me to apply for the Public Relations and Marketing internship with the College of Communication and Information. I was interviewed for the position and offered the internship on the spot. It is no lie when advisors say networking will be your best friend when searching for a career. Thus far networking has earned me two internships. It is through this blog I am making my first contribution to my Public Relations and Marketing internship.

The third internship I have earned I was the most confident for during the interview. During the last summer months of my Research and Special Events internship I received an email from my advisor, Rozell Duncan, about an internship opportunity. The internship was offered from Downtown Akron Partnership (DAP), a non-profit organization which promotes downtown Akron. The internship position read that duties will include marketing, public relations, and event planning. Those three subjects are my fields of interest, which encouraged me to apply for the position. Within a week I was contacted by Lisa Knapp, Communications Director for DAP, requesting an interview. I was pleased to be selected as one of the fortunate ones to be selected for an interview. I went to the interview prepared with a portfolio and a can-do attitude. It paid off. A week later I was contacted by Knapp congratulating me on being awarded the internship. An added bonus was to find out my friend Samantha was also awarded the internship.

All three internships have given me the courage to go forth with my dreams and interests. No longer am I afraid to apply for careers that I think are outside of my experience. When I graduate with my Bachelor’s in Interpersonal Communication this December, I will have completed five internships that I can add to my resume. Considering my experience and plucky attitude I hope for the best once I graduate from Kent State University. I encourage everyone to apply for many internships before their college career is up. For some, juggling three internships in one semester could be an academic risk. However, for myself, I am able to take that risk because I only have two classes this semester. My academic career is coming to an end and I feel fully prepared to get a job that fulfills my goals and interests.

My name is Jayne, I am a senior at KSU studying Interpersonal Communication. Through the use of this blog I hope to motivate, inspire, and encourage you to follow your dreams.

Jayne is a senior interpersonal communication major and marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information this fall.


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