Perfect Chaos: How to Handle Stress

By Britany Ruby

Stress. This word has become a part of most college students daily vocabulary. While college is a very beneficial and enlightening experience, it can still be overwhelming. Most full-time college students have jobs, are involved in various organizations, or both. Here a few tips to help students survive those stressful college nights.

1.  Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff– You may be stressing over midterms and the fact that all your tests are back-to-back within a week.  However, once you have identified the stressors the best thing to do is stop focusing on it. Dwelling on the fact that you are already stressed will prevent you from accomplishing your goal and causing you to become even more stressed. The best thing to do is to relax and make a plan of how you will get everything done.

2. Try to Rest– Now this is easier said than done. It may seem like a good idea when you have to work at your part-time job the night before a huge exam, to just stay up after work and study. However, too many nights of cramming can begin to wear on your body. When this happens the stress begins to become less mental and more physical. To avoid this try to plan a small nap in your day or try to go to bed at a reasonable time at least once a week.

3. Don’t forget to eat– Being hungry limits focus and causes you to do poorly in classes, as well as not being able to function properly at work or your internship. It’s best to eat breakfast every morning. If a full meal isn’t possible a piece of fruit, a granola bar, or bowl of cereal will suffice. The point is to put something other than coffee on your stomach so that will you be thinking less about your growling stomach and more about what your teacher is saying.

4. Work it out– Exercise releases endorphins that you make you happier and more relaxed. In fact the best thing to do when your stuck on the final page of a paper is to take a break from it and go for a walk.  Now I know you may be thinking I’m already limited on time, how can I schedule in time to workout too? It’s easier than you think. Go for a brisk around campus during your study break. Walk instead of driving to your local diner or coffee shop. Any physical activity will help.

5. Remember to Have Fun– This is self-explanatory but sometimes as college students we forget to relax and just have some fun. Take a break from the books and meet a friend for a cup of coffee.  Also remember that it’s OK to leave the work at work. Now we all try to be super intern or super employee but sometimes you need to meet your friends at your favorite restaurant for happy hour. It’s OK to live a little as long as you still get your work done.

Whether you listen to the tips above or come up with some of your own, it is very important that all college students have some kind of plan to help when things become stressful. What are some way you try to manage stress? We’d love to know!

Britany is a senior applied communication studies major and a marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information.


2 thoughts on “Perfect Chaos: How to Handle Stress”

  1. Love this post! It really helps me out right now, with midterms and scheduling next semester’s classes, and everything else all at once! I just finished writing a blog to my readers about focusing and minimizing the stress in order to actually get things done. I agreed with everything you had to say in your blog, and checked out some other posts as well. I really enjoyed the ones about your study abroad programs; hopefully it is something I will be able to do someday…Thanks for the post!

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