Through Our Lenses: CCI Students Document Their Studies Abroad

CCI student study abroad photos hang in the first floor of the main library in Kent
CCI student photos from study abroad trips hang in the first floor of the main library in Kent

 Through Our Lenses: CCI Students Document Their Studies Abroad

A juried photo exhibit spotlighting study abroad students in the College of Communication and Information (CCI) is now on display in the Kent State University Main Library.

Forty remarkable photos were selected to provide a glimpse of how CCI study abroad students see the world, and included are images from all over Europe and Asia.

CCI Kent Study Abroad Photos hang in the Kent State library
CCI student study abroad photos

“These photographs, all taken by College of Communication and Information students while studying abroad, show just a fraction of the depth of talent our CCI students possess and the range of experiences they’ve had around the world,” said Deborah Davis, coordinator of international programs for the College.

Adding an extraordinary dimension to the photos and the experiences they represent is the fact that it’s not uncommon for CCI study abroad students to be the first in their families to even own a passport.

“Many of our students have no family history of international travel and no easy way to finance such a thing,” Davis said. “But they have been determined to see and understand the world, and they have returned with a global perspective that will permanently change who they are and dramatically increase the contributions they will make to their workplaces and their communities as they move through life.”

Photos in the first floor Library
CCI student photos hang in the first floor of the Kent Campus library

“They are quite impressive, and as the photos show, they are curious, adventurous, perceptive, and so talented.”

Information design major Chloe Makarick echoed many students’ reflections on their experiences abroad when describing her own:

“There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by since I’ve returned that I haven’t been reminded of my experiences while studying abroad,” Makarick said.

“The world is a much smaller place to me now; we’re all connected, and it’s important to be more aware of the people around you. I went on study abroad hoping to learn more about other places and other cultures, but I came home and realized how much I learned about myself.”

Exhibit photos will hang in the quiet study area behind the circulation desk as well as in the computer lab area near the reference desk through the end of the semester. The student photographers, along with family and guests, will celebrate the exhibit’s opening at a private reception on Wednesday, Nov. 9, in the Library.

CCI offers a range of study abroad options to meet the academic and personal goals of the College’s students, including short, faculty-led courses and semester-long programs.

To see more work of CCI study abroad students and to learn more about our programs, visit

Special thanks to the CCI Kent marketing team, Jennifer Kramer, Melinda Yoho, Nicole Gennarelli and Britany Ruby for their efforts in preparing the exhibit. AnnMarie LeBlanc was integral in developing the framing process. Justin Parsons and Anne Dudley hung the photos and captions.


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