VCD Team Runs Akron Marathon

VCD Akron marathon team
VCD Akron marathon team

By Nicole Gennarelli

A team from Kent State’s School of Visual Communication Design ran in the Akron Marathon this September.

The five-person team consisted of two VCD faculty members, Joan Inderhees and Bryan Rinnert, two VCD graduate students, Sarah Rutherford and Jason Goupil, and one mutual friend. The majority of the team members had run marathons before or had prior running experience.

“I have run the Akron Marathon three times with friends at my church, and I wanted to see if we could get a team within VCD,” said Inderhees, a VCD assistant professor. “It’s a fun race — about 16,000 runners participated and about 100,000 spectators watched, as reported in theAkron Beacon Journal. Each leg of the relay is a different distance, so each of us could choose a distance that suited us.”

Rutherford started running in May and talked with Goupil and Inderhees, both experienced runners, to get their advice.

“Joan mentioned that the marathon relay was a fun event, and I thought it would be a good motivator to sustain me through the summer,” she said. “I began training in early June for my hilly course through Sand Run Park.”

The members decided to pick a clever team name that correlated with running and their department — Step and Repeat.

“Step and Repeat is a function from a design program we use, literally repeating the same image in a step fashion,” Goupil said. “As a group we considered about 20 other names, but this one rose to the top.”

Of the mixed relay teams, Step and Repeat came in 94th of 753 teams and 175th of all relay teams, Inderhees said.

“The race went really well,” Rutherford said. “There was so much going on in the stadium, I missed seeing Jason cross the finish line!”

Nicole is a senior public relations major and a marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information.


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