Meet the Cast of Research The Musical- Adam

By Britany Ruby

Adam played by Jacob Fagan,  is the slacker of the Hope Falls Stem Research Lab.   Adam came to Hope Falls, with hopes of following in his Uncle’s foot steps and become a world-renowned scientist.

Adam has a devil-may care attitude when it comes to lot’s of things. This shows in the fact that he lives off of his college refund check instead of getting a job on his own.  Yet, somehow he still manages to support his weekend bar hopping habits. While Adam just seems like the average slouch, you’d be surprised to find that he is actually very cultured. He traveled to many places with his Uncle including Europe. He is also very well read and enjoys watching independent films. Adam’s inherent culture, mixed with his relaxed personality will definitely shake things up around Hope Falls Stem Cell Research Lab.

*Poster courtesy of Melinda Yoho*

Britany is a senior applied communication studies major and a marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information.


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