Alumna Finds Success Down Under

By Nicole Gennarelli

Brianne in front of the Sydney Opera House

After spending time in Sydney, Australia last summer, Brianne Kimmel decided to make the city her home by accepting an advertising position after graduation.

Kimmel, ’11, graduated with a degree in advertising and marketing minor from Kent State University. Kimmel got the job in Sydney through networking on LinkedIn. She is a member of the Sydney Social Media Club and started contributing content with hopes of building a network in Australia.

“I began chatting with my current boss, Phil before I even graduated from Kent State,” she said. “Phil started Apparent a few years ago after spending 20 years in the industry. I actually had a few job offers in Sydney, some were hard to pass up, but Apparent was just a great fit. I love their model, strategies and clients. Upon arriving in Sydney, I met Phil for coffee and he had an account executive role that needed filled quickly. I flew to New Zealand within a few days to transfer my holiday visa to a work visa, and I’ve been working at Apparent ever since.”

Kimmel is currently working on a project with New South Wales Health. Australia is very passionate about fighting obesity and encouraging healthy eating along with lifestyles.

“We now have a carbon tax to fight pollution, and Sydney is one of the cleanest cities in the world,” she said. “Starting in February 2012, we will be posting kilojoules (calories) on menus in all of our franchise restaurants, cafes and local eateries.”

Kimmel said it’s been quite easy to settle into the Sydney lifestyle and find her way around because she’s spent time there before.

“Starting my first “big girl job” in the city has been challenging at times, as with any country, there are many cultural differences,” she said. “Not to mention I had to brush up on my British English spellings and metric conversions. Sydney is such a safe and progressive city, not to mention we are surrounded by beautiful beaches, I couldn’t image starting my career anywhere else.”

Kent State has really prepared her for a career in agency advertising. Kent State has such a well-rounded advertising program, and gives you an opportunity to learn about each aspect of an advertising agency, said Kimmel.

“I’ve met others in advertising through networking events and interviews, and many have commented on how well I’ve been prepared for the industry,” she said. “It’s such a relief to walk into interviews or professional settings and be able to contribute content and “hold your own” in any setting.”

Nicole is a senior public relations major and a marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information.


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