Meet the cast of Research the Musical-Otto

By Britany Ruby

On the surface, Otto is a clown. He is a 22-year-old goofball, always good for a laugh. Though he is suave, slick, sexy and generally awesome, he is a mama’s boy at heart. His mother still packs his lunches with cute, loving notes tucked inside. He does his work but always makes it fun. Consequently, no one really takes him seriously. He is lovable but seemingly ineffectual. This frustrates Otto. He wants to be respected and recognized for his work, but nobody believes he actually has talent. Toward the end of the movie, he will prove in a small or big way that he deserves the respect of his colleagues.

*Poster courtesy of Melinda Yoho*

Britany is a senior applied communication studies major and a marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information.


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