TV2 KSU Tech Tryouts Wednesday, Jan. 11

Information from Lori Cantor, student media adviser, and Andrew Plas, operations manager, TV2 KSU

TV2 KSU is looking for Kent State students to fill the behind-the-scenes technical positions for newscasts and entertainment shows for the spring semester.

TV2 puts on 15 shows a week and we need a crew for each one so there are many opportunities to get involved as little or as much as you would like! We put on a flashcast every morning at 9:30 its a 10 minute pre-taped newscast for Also a Live 30 minute newscast every night at 5:30. Are entertainment shows go live at 9pm and include SportsCorner, The Blurb, The Agenda, Sports Corner Update, and Whats up weekly.

Technical positions include:

  • Audio
  • Font Coordinator/graphics producer
  • Teleprompter
  • Floor Director
  • Camera

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Training for each position will be available before starting live broadcasts.

How to apply:

Wednesday, Jan. 11 from 5pm to 9pm Andrew Plas and his assistant Cianna will be down on the first floor in the TV2 studio. This is where you can ask questions about any position you would like to know about and we can help you apply. If you already know what you would like to do it is as simple as visiting and filling out the TV2 Tech application there! The applications won’t be open until 5pm on Wednesday and they will close at 9pm. 

Questions, problems, concerns?  Andrew Plas, operations manager, will gladly address concerns throughout the process. E-mail him at

For information about on-air broadcast positions, see our previous post.


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