How to Survive the Beginning of the Semester

Stack of Books

By Britney Beaman

Let’s face it, the days consisting of sleeping in, hanging out with friends, going out and having delicious holiday meals are over. It’s time to get back into our school routines, and sometimes, it’s a hard adjustment.

Since the first couple weeks can be just as nerve-racking as the final weeks of the semester, I’m going to give you all some tips for how to make the adjustment back to school a little easier.

Tip #5: Buy an agenda. I don’t care what anyone says, an agenda is necessary in college. It’ll be especially helpful to have one in the beginning of the semester when you are trying to adjust to new classes and the groove of the semester.

Tip #4: Manage your time wisely. Poor time management is going to lead to poor work. You’ll do your best work when you don’t procrastinate. Take a look at Maria Pascucci’s expertise about time management. She’s the author and founder of Campus Calm, a website and book dedicated to making college less stressful.

Tip #3: Get some sleep. Pascucci mentioned this in her blog as well, but I can’t stress this enough. Your work load is usually the smallest during this time in the semester. Take advantage of it by going to bed at a decent time and getting sleep. I’ve learned from experience that the more regular my sleep patterns are, the more productive (and happy!) I am.

Tip #2: Join student clubs and organizations. This is a great way to make friends and gain experience that will help you after college & it’ll look good on a resume, too! The College of Communication & Information has great opportunities including anything from student media to national societies. If you are not familiar with these opportunities, below you can find informational links about different organizations to get involved with.
JMC Opportunites
– COMM Opportunities: Kent Communication Society and Lambda Pi Eta
SLIS Opportunities
VCD Special Programs
The Tannery

Tip #1: Enjoy it! Yes, it can be a bummer going back to class after break, but your years here at Kent State University are limited. Figure out how to manage school with friends because you won’t always live on the same campus as them. As a senior, time has gone by incredibly fast. I used to wish my time away because all I wanted to do was graduate, but now that I graduate in May, I wish I had more time here at school with my friends. What’s the point if you’re not enjoying your learning experience, anyway?

So, there are my five tips that I think you might find helpful in surviving these first couple weeks. If you have any other helpful tips, please let us know! Good luck with your semester!

Britney Beaman is a senior public relations major and a marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information.


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