Benefits of Living on Campus

By Nicole Gennarelli

Information from CCI Commons

As an incoming freshman, you can’t wait for the freedom of moving out of your parent’s house and moving into a dorm room with a new roommate. However, as freshman year comes to an end, you may start entertaining the thought of living off campus in an apartment or house. All first year students must live on campus for two years, so why not sign up to live in a living and learning community? There are many benefits that an LLC can provide compared to living off campus.

According to the College of Communication and Information (CCI) Commons website, it is “a living a living and learning community housed in Olson Hall exclusively for students with majors or pre-majors in one of the College of Communication and Information’s four schools (Communication Studies, Library and Information Science, Journalism and Mass Communication or Visual Communication Design). Students live with others who are studying the same major or similar fields of interest, allowing an open exchange of ideas and experiences that go beyond the classroom. CCI Commons is the central hub for activities and information related to CCI Kent State. Weekly programs offer students a peek into various career possibilities and current practices in the broad field of communications.”

CCI Commons is located in Olson Hall right in the middle of campus near the Kent Student Center and close to the coordinating buildings for each of CCI’s four schools.

“As a resident of the commons for three years, I can say that living here is not just a place to sleep and do homework, it is an experience all in itself. The people you meet are going through your classes with you, so you suffer and grow together. Its a way to make a large campus seem a lot smaller.” – Kristen Deran, CCI Commons resident

Building Benefits:

  • Studio Space
  • Community director on site
  • Advising and technology help provided weekly
  • Classes help within the hall with other Commons members

Why should you join CCI Commons?

  • Connections with other students who share the same academic and professionals goals/interests
  • Close location to your college advising office and classrooms
  • Guest speakers geared toward your major
  • Computer lab and studio space available in your hall
  • Up-to-date valuable information  about CCI with the Community Director’s listserv

How do I join?
Students must be accepted to the College of Communication and Information in order to be eligible to join the CCI Commons. Rooming assignments are based on the date you turn in your housing application. To receive a CCI Commons assignment, make sure to get your application in early!

Students who are interested in applying to participate in the CCI Commons need to follow these steps:

  • Select Olson Hall and CCI Commons as your #1 choice on your residence hall application, and alert the academic advisor during your Destination Kent State: Advising & Registration program that you would like to participate in the CCI Commons.
  • If you have already completed and submitted your residence hall application and now want to make changes, you may re-enter your application by logging back into it through the residence hall application website.
  • If you need further assistance, or have questions about how to join the CCI Commons please contact the community coordinator.

The CCI Commons offers advantages to our students both academically and socially to help them connect to their major and set them up for success. We’re a living/learning community, so in order to reap the benefits of our programs and services students are asked to live in Olson Hall.  It’s the only live-in community on campus for our CCI majors, and we work very hard to provide programming and support to help you succeed here at Kent State.  With more than 200 students living in the community, you have an opportunity connect with others in the College of Communication and Information and to make bonds that will last beyond KSU.” –Marianne Warzinski, CCI Commons Director

Nicole Gennarelli is a senior public relations major and a marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information.


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