It’s Never Too Late to Spread Your Wings & Get Involved On Campus

By Britany Ruby

It’s less than a month into another busy spring semester. And while  a lot of people would want to hibernate until the sun comes back out, a select few of you will use this semester as a chance to get involved on campus. Whether you’re in the market for some new friends, community service hours, a resume booster, or fine tuning an old hobby, Kent State University has the organization or club that fits your needs.

1. Greek Life: Greek life is not just paying for friends as some people would say. As a member of a sorority myself, I see it as an opportunity to become a part of a sisterhood or brotherhood. It gives you the opportunity to serve your community while building lifelong friends and becoming a better person. Check out Kent’s Greek Life page to learn more.

2. Join a Special Interest Group: What better way to bond with new friends than through a shared hobby? You can join a fashion club like Modista, a film club, and even a bicycle club. Check out this special interest list for more options.

3. Serve the Community: While almost every student organization on campus does some kind of community service project, there are organizations on campus that were created solely to serve the community. You can join an organization that’s specific to KSU, such as Kent Student Ambassadors or participate in national service projects with groups like Habitat for Humanity.  Check out CSI’s service organizations list for more opportunities.

4. Build your Resume:  Getting involved on campus is the best way to build your resume and network. It’s important to gain professional experience and meet people within your major who could be your future colleagues. The College of Communication and Information offers many organizations for its students to join. Communication majors can join the Kent Communication Society. Journalism students have numerous options like PRSSA, AAF Kent and various student media outlets. VCD students also have several professional societies and companies like Glyphix.

Getting involved outside of the classroom allows students to make lifelong friends. Take the time to explore interests outside of academics and you might be surprised how many organizations catch your interest. It’s ok to join a organization just to meet people with similar interests. You’ll find that you may also be able to do other things like serving your community or find a new hobby while making new friends. To find a organization or club that fits your needs, check out Kent’s student life page.

Britany is a marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information.


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