The Great Summer Internship Search: How to Find your Perfect Summer Internship!

By Britany Ruby

I know what you’re thinking.  It’s February why do I need to think about my summer plans? The answer is simple, there are a lot of early birds out there who have already eaten the worm. There are college students all over the world who have already landed their summer dream job. Now it’s your turn!

These key steps should help you get an awesome summer internship:

1.  Search high and low– There are a lot of companies out there in desperate need of hard-working summer interns. The only problem is, the companies are waiting on potential interns to find them. Take the initiative & really search for an internship that fits you and your strengths. After all, if you put maximum effort into searching and applying for a job, it will show when you actually begin working there. Check out the websites below for listings in various communicati0n fields. You can also contact your advisor and professors for leads on internships. Don’t forget to check out the companies website, as well.






2. Prepare, prepare, prepare-Once you have your list of positions you want to apply for, it’s time to start preparing your application packets. Each position calls for a custom resume and cover letter. For instance if you are applying for a public relations job at a university and at a theater company, you would cater each resume for each position.  Also different companies may call for different resume supplements; some may call for writing samples, some may just want a resume/cover letter and list of references.

3. Set up a timeline- You should have a calendar with all of your application deadlines on it. The calendar should also have the date you actually applied, as well as a follow up deadline. If you are contacted  about the position, put the date you were contacted as well as the day you had your interview. It allows you to make sure you follow up and send thank you notes in a timely fashion.

4. Apply- It’s never too late to apply for a summer internship. In fact even in May or June companies are normally still looking for students to fill its positions. However, it is best to start searching and applying for internships as early as possible. This allows you to make all the revisions and changes to your resume, contact your references and even practice your interviewing skills.

Remember, no matter how early you start applying for summer internships, the most important thing to show an employer is that you are organized and hard-working. What better way to show these traits then during the application and interview process? Take this advice, build on it and find the internship you’ve been waiting for!

Britany is a marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information. *Britany also has held four past internships*


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