How to Overcome a Bad Grade in College

By Britany Ruby

The U.S. News recently wrote an article about how college students react to a bad grade. The article focuses on what students should do to recover after receiving a not so pleasant grade. After you get your final grade and realize it’s lower than expected you can either do one of two things: complain about it or accept that the grade you received was actually what you deserved. However, most students decide to complain about it. For example, some students know they didn’t turn in their best work, but will fight the bad grade. The proper thing to do would be to bow out gracefully and try to do better next time. Teacher’s gave the following tips on how to properly handle a bad grade.

1. Get some perspective: Ask yourself if you really deserve an above average grade for the work you turned in. Receiving a letter grade of “A” means that you work you have done is excellent. Can you really say that the work you have done is top-notch?

2. Set up a meeting: Talk with your teacher about why you received the grade. If you come to realize that the grade you received is the grade you deserved, set up a plan to do better in the future.

At the end of the day, the best way to handle a bad grade is to be honest with yourself and face the situation head on. Instead  of  complaining to your friends about how unfair the teacher is, find out why you received the grade. In the future, always find out what you can do to help yourself grow as a student.

Britany is a Marketing Assistant for the College of Communication and Information


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