VCD Alumnus Jeramie Selders says “That degree will take you anywhere.”

By: Emily Horne

Jeramie Selders, a 2005 Visual Communication Design graduate, now works at Trek Bicycle as the Director of Retail Design and Environmental Design.

Trek Bicycle, located in Waterloo, Wisconsin, about 25 miles East of Madison, started in 1976. A family owned company, there are about 2,000 employees globally. Selders has worked with the company for five years.

Trek Bicycle provides customers with any and all of their bicycle needs and provides subcategories within the merchandise based on the specific type of riding a customer engages in from road to town to mountain riding. Selders said he helps the customer “experience the brand within an environment.”

The company puts much of its focus on advocacy revolving around riding such as trails and sustainable paths and wants to support the growth of the bicycle.

The company’s creative studio, where Selders works, houses approximately 50 designers and is divided into teams: interactive and Web, visual, product graphics, and Selders’ team, retail and environmental. His team handles the design and execution end of branded retail stores, corporate interior design, special installations, environmental design, events, trade shows, and high profile product launches.

One of the things Selders admires most about his experience at Kent is the discipline aspect of the education he received. He thinks that what students learn in the VCD program is incredibly transferable and prominent in the design field.

“A note to undergraduates now,” Selders said, “[this degree] is such a great base for everything that you do in your life. It just makes you so much more marketable and you can apply what you’ve learned to anything down the road.” He continued to say, “that degree will take you anywhere.”

For more information on Trek Bicycle, visit the Web site at


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