Farewell CCI

I can remember writing my welcome blog post almost a year ago, and now as I sit and write my farewell the irony seems bittersweet.  This past year at CCI has been the best work experience ever! When I started out here as Practicum student I wasn’t expecting to spend the next semester as a Marketing Assistant and even to come back this past spring semester after graduating in December.

My position here at CCI allowed me to work on a lot of fantastic projects, the coolest being the premiere for Research: The Musical. I served as the head of the movie’s marketing and PR team, which allowed me to gain hand’s on experience in planning a major art’s event like the movie premiere. This project also helped me figure out my career goals.

When I first came to CCI, I had plans on being a journalist. See blog post. However I soon realized that my love of writing would go perfectly with my love for the arts. In other words I decided that I wanted to work on the communications side of the entertainment industry. My ultimate goal would be to start my own arts non-profit for children from low-income families. I believe talent should be nurtured no matter what your financial circumstances are. I plan to work towards this goal by obtaining my Master’s from Akron University in Arts Administration in the fall and continuing to do post-graduate internships within the arts and media industry throughout Norteast Ohio.

Working with the CCI staff truly changed my life. I would recommend to anyone who has the oppurtunity to work here to make your experince count by getting to know the people you’re working with and tailoring your projects to fit your future career plans.

Britany Ruby has been a Marketing Assistant for the College of Communication and Information from May 2011-May 2012 . She graduated with her BA in Communication Studies in December 2011 and will be pursuing her Master’s in Arts Administration beginning Fall 2012.


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