Marketers Shouldn’t Overlook Tumblr

Studies have shown that Generation Y, those born between 1982 and 2000, are headstrong, enthusiastic and positive human beings. Members of this generation expect to have information at the tip of their fingers, information that they want to share with their peers. The written word isn’t enough anymore; they need photos, video and audio. They want to be entertained.

What’s more entertaining than a site where users can share everything? Tumblr has become more than just a website for bloggers; Tumblr is a mode of non-traditional self-expression where users can post information in 7 different media.

The website has been up for five years, founded by David Karp in 2007, but has only just begun to take off. In 2011, Tumblr increased by 172 percent, according to comScore. Tumblr boasts that it hosts over 42.1 million individual blogs that have added over 16 billion posts to the site since its inception.

The majority of Tumblr’s users are age 12 to 24, comScore reports. Members of Generation Y take up 50 percent of Tumblr, an overwhelming number to those who see the marketing potential.

If an organization’s target audience is young people, Tumblr can be an exceptional tool to reach them. Creating a blog on Tumblr can allow an organization to post photos, videos, music, “chats,” quotes, text, and more. If the blog produces posts that interest teens, it can gain a healthy number of teen followers.

Since the average Tumblr user spends 37 minutes a day actively “scrolling” on Tumblr, and since his target demographic is young people, Barack Obama took his campaign to the site. His blog is one of the most popular on the site, and it is updated daily.

While Kent State as a whole hasn’t utilized the website yet, Kent State Associate Educational Technology Designer Michael Vaughn has successfully marketed himself on Tumblr. Vaughn’s blog focuses on education, and Vaughn himself has become one of less than ten editors of the education tag. The blog, titled world-shaker, was featured on Buzzfeed’s 90 Best Tumblr Blogs of 2011.

It’s only a matter of time until organizations realize how useful Tumblr is when used as a marketing tool.


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