Apps rule the battlefield of Smartphones?

By Haomo Catherine ZHENG

On September 5, Nokia released their new Lumia 920, which was defined by the media as a gesture of Nokia that they are coming back to the battlefield of smartphones officially. Also rumor has that Apple will release the IPhone 5 today around 1:00 p.m. Plus Samsung has its latest smartphone, I think a new war of windows 8, OS 6 and Android operating system on smartphones has already started.

So, who is going to be the new winner of this war? What will be their kill moves? What exactly will rule this battlefield? If you ask me, I think the answer to all those questions should be apps.

As for me, a normal smartphone user, I care more about apps on those platforms. I don’t know if Nokia will rise up again because the new Lumia 920 or how many people will stay up all night and get in an unbelievable long line for an IPhone 5, or if Samsung will a new legend of smartphone. I have to admit that smart phones do change our life, but as it is to communicators, content is the king, so here in this case, I think apps is the key.

Maybe it is only for me, but I really cannot understand the huge differences between those platforms. However, based on the number of apps that are running on those platforms, I might change my mind and go to another smartphone. I know making this decision might not be smart enough, but there are a lot of people will make the same choice like I do.

I believe that is the exact same reason why apps have just been developing fast recently.

I am pretty sure that they all have Angry Birds,but if there are more people like me who want to try more cool apps out, then those smartphones really should seriously consider apps as their key to the final success of this war.

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