Get to Know Your Academic Advisors

By: Meghan Caprez

I was still in high school when I first met my academic advisor. My mother insisted on dragging me into the JMC advising office one Wednesday morning Spring 2011 because she’d heard about the old “Walk-In Wednesday” policy. I’d tried to explain to her that it only applied to kids who were actually in college, but she insisted it was for anybody.

They were surprised to hear we were there, demanding to meet with an advisor, especially since I hadn’t even committed to go to Kent State yet. Nevertheless, they sent Amy Wilkins out to talk to us. I sat mortified in the corner while my mom asked question after question. I thought I’d never live it down.

When I did commit to Kent State and attended Destination Kent State, Amy was the advisor who helped me schedule for my classes. Much to my horror, she remembered me because I came in with my mom earlier that year. I think she must have known how embarrassed I was about being the “kid who came in with mommy,” so she joked about it with me to put me at ease. To this day, she still asks me how my mom is doing, and all I can do is smile and roll my eyes at the memory.

There tends to be a malevolent rumor that runs around college campuses concerning advisors. A lot of people don’t trust in the advice they are given in regards to classes and scheduling because they’ve heard through the grapevine about an advisor who gave incorrect information. Those people are missing out on an incredibly valuable resource.

The cool thing about CCI advising is that it’s decentralized. Instead of everyone in the college going to a handful of advisors who know a little bit about each major, students turn to advisors located directly in their school with knowledge about their specific programs. For example, Amy Wilkens is an advisor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Her office is in Franklin Hall, and she knows about every single one of the JMC majors and minors. If I was a VCD student, I would go see Vince Giles in the Art building. If I was a COMM student, I would go see Lorie Hopp in Taylor Hall.

After working with them all summer during Destination Kent State, I can honestly say CCI advisors are the coolest advisors on campus. Who else would lip sync and play air guitar to “Eye of the Tiger” in front a bunch of incoming freshmen and their parents? Who else would spend a half hour with a student just scrolling through and printing out Photoshopped images of Coney from Collegefest 2012? They really care about connecting with the students.

Make sure you take advantage of the services they provide! Schedule an advising appointment today!


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