Kent State Student Supports Broadcast of Super Bowl for BBC

TeleProductions Takes Satellite Truck to New Orleans

Having on your resume that you have experience in producing the Super Bowl for BBC should guarantee some extra looks. Well, after Sunday, Feb. 3, that will be true for Kent State University student Dan LeBeau.

This week, LeBeau and a four-man crew from Kent State’s TeleProductions’ unit will travel to New Orleans, La., with the department’s satellite uplink and production truck for Super Bowl XLVII to provide production and satellite capabilities for the BBC’s live broadcast of the game.

TeleProductions was contacted by a company it had done business with previously and then went through a rigorous negotiation process to make sure its truck and production team met all of the technical and professional requirements necessary to fulfill the live broadcast needs.

“We are extremely excited about the trip,” said Jeff Bentley, executive producer of the Kent State Sports Network and senior producer in TeleProductions. “We are continually trying to establish new clients, and this gives us the opportunity to increase our visibility and reputation as a capable and reliable production/satellite provider. We also see this as an excellent opportunity to promote our outstanding TeleProductions’ department and staff, as well as Kent State University.”

Besides LeBeau and Bentley, TeleProductions’ staff members Dan Tonneli, Bill Kennedy and Jason Forbes will make the trip to assist with the production.

“LeBeau is one of TeleProductions’ most experienced student workers and will be responsible for audio and camera set-up, as well as monitoring the equipment during the game,” Bentley said.

“Almost everybody in this industry wants to be involved in a Super Bowl production,” LeBeau said. “I think it’s only natural that TeleProductions is bringing a student employee along for the Super Bowl. It certainly shows the level of commitment that the staff has for student training, and it highlights the level of trust that they have in my abilities.”

Mark Bussey, director of technology and TeleProductions said, “TeleProductions’ involvement with the Super Bowl is a testament to its reputation and the extremely high level of professionalism, performance detail and overall capability of the team. We view this as an important validation.”

Follow LeBeau’s journey to the Super Bowl and his time working side-by-side with the professionals on the Kent State University College of Communication and Information Facebook page, or on Twitter @CCIKentState #KSUSuperBowl beginning through Feb. 5.

“It would be amazing to have this opportunity at any point in a career, but to have the opportunity as a student is absolutely incredible,” LeBeau said. “I can’t wait to add this to my resume.”


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