Advising now required for freshmen and sophomores on campus

By Nicole Gennarelli

Advising is now required for freshmen and sophomores in the College of Communication and Information in order to register for classes.

Students can still make advising appointments throughout the semester, but mandatory advising is now being connected to course registration. On the Kent and Ashtabula campuses, freshmen and sophomores who started at KSU after spring 2012 will not be able to register for classes until they have met with their advisor. Juniors and seniors are required and strongly encouraged to meet with their advisors once a year to make sure they meet requirements in their last few semesters before graduation. Currently, juniors, seniors and students who started at KSU before summer 2012 will not be blocked from registering if they haven’t met with an advisor.

“In the past we’ve encouraged freshmen and sophomores to utilize academic advising, but there’s really no way for students to understand the value of advising until they experience it a few times for themselves,” said Matthew Rollyson, College of Communication and Information director of advising administration and graduate services.

This change has been made to help students stay on track with their classes, help answer questions and concerns, and allow advisors to help students enhance their experience here at Kent State University.

“My advisors are my support team here on campus,” said Erica Batyko, sophomore public relations major. “They are always here to help and will go out of their way to make sure I have the best experience possible while I’m here at Kent State.”

CCI will have mandatory advising weeks before the registration period begins for each class standing. The dates below are as follows:

  • Senior advising week: March 11-15
    – Registration: April 1-5
  • Junior advising week: March 18-22
    – Registration: April 8-12
  • Sophomore advising week: April 1-5
    – Registration: April 15-19
  • Freshman advising week: April 8-12
    – Registration: April 22-26

“We need to do a better job of dispelling the fairly common misunderstanding that advising is nothing more than scheduling classes ; advisors are so much more than people to see about class selection and registration,” Rollyson said. “Advisors are interested in helping each student get the most out of college and grow as a unique individual, and the best way to do that is to help each freshman identify his or her strengths and set academic, professional and personal goals, and then serve as a mentor and advocate for students all the way until graduation.”

“I can go to my advisor about any questions I have about scheduling, classes, or graduation,” said Meghan Caprez, junior public relations major. “She always has an answer for me. The best part is she knows exactly who I am and what my goals are for my future. Going to see her is always worthwhile.”


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