After much campaigning, junior communication studies students Natalie Moses and Amish Patel have officially earned their positions in the Undergraduate Student Government (USG). Both students attribute their successful campaigns to their experiences in communication studies and their involvement on campus.

Natalie Moses, CCI senator for Undergraduate Student GovernmentMoses is the new senator of the College of Communication and Information (CCI). She is majoring in applied communication with a double minor in media literacy and public relations. As senator of CCI, Moses’ job is to represent the voice of all CCI students. One of her many responsibilities is to keep scholarships objective and make sure all undergraduate students have equal opportunities through the student government. Moses felt that she is a good fit for this position because she is an effective communicator and can relate to any CCI student. “I have a good understanding of the overall interests of CCI,” said Moses.

Amish Patel, executive director of Undergraduate Student GovernmentPatel is now the executive director of USG. His position involves being the spokesperson for the students, acting as liaison between the university administration, Board of Trustees and the USG, creating programs and initiatives to enrich the lives of Kent State University students, and much more. Within in the past two years, he has held positions such as director of student involvement and director of communications.  Patel’s passion for Kent State is what drives his involvement with student government. “I want to give back to a school that has given me so much,” said Patel, “When I saw the opportunity to make things come full circle and further improve the university, I knew it was my time.”

Both Moses and Patel agree that their experiences within CCI have contributed to their campaign success. Moses felt that skills she learned in advertising, visual design and public relations helped her while putting together her campaign. “The High Impact Professional Speaking class really helped me to be a confident speaker,” she added. Moses also noted her experience studying abroad in London as significant to her campaigning. “Working closely with Michelle Ewing and Dr. Danielle Coombs gave me advertising and public relations insight that taught me how to campaign,” Moses said. Moses is also very involved in student media, which she said keeps her up to date on what is happening on campus.

Patel said that holding multiple positions for Phi Delta Theta fraternity is what started his involvement on Kent’s campus. “My involvement in my fraternity has given me countless real-world experience and it has provided an amazing platform to network with,” said Patel. He was further introduced to the Greek Community and various aspects of the university as a result. Patel has been involved with different organizations such as Focus on the Future, Black United Students, Distinguished Undergraduates and more. Patel said that the remarkable insight he gained about student life is what ultimately made him want to share his experience with the rest of Kent State.  “As a communication studies student, I knew I wanted to change how USG reached students and presented information,” said Patel.

Both Moses and Patel want Kent State students to be more aware of what is happening on their campus and encourage them to get more involved with student government. “As much as this can be a boring thing for students to hear about, current legislation really affects students and their ability to be successful students and future professionals,” said Patel. Moses suggested that students attend the public USG meetings every other Wednesday, at 5 p.m., in the Governance Chambers, to see what is currently happening and pitch their ideas. Moses wants students to know that USG “is not an unapproachable thing.”

Moses and Patel both stressed the significance of USG’s Student Allocations Funding opportunities as something for students to take advantage of. Students and organizations are able to request funds to go on conferences that pertain to their major. “This is an amazing way for students to get real world experience and network with professionals across the country,” said Patel.

Patel encourages students to “follow a passion and get involved on campus! Plain and simple.” Applications and more information can be found in the USG office and online at


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